Guild Wars 2?


I won’t be ready to group with you folks for a while, but I’d like cool letters and numbers next to my name until I am. So if it’s okay, I’m Discord.7289.


How interesting it was to run around, in the same Maguuma zerg, with someone formerly of our little community who I actively dislike. Who uses their real name in MMOs, anyway? That, like, violates every rule of the OASIS.


Wow. No love here. Okay. Nevermind.


I can’t invite you to the guild. If I could, I would have.


I was able to jump in and do it tonight. First chance I got, sorry for being late though.


And I somehow messed it up. Thanks though.


Your invite shows as still active, so no problem. Should pop back up when you log in, or perhaps if you hit the G key in-game?


If any not-80s need some help getting through a piece of content, definitely pipe up!

Hit G to see who’s online in the guild.

Type /g to switch to guild chat.

I’m on as “Chymrr”. I generally hang out at Red Rock in the Silverwastes or (lately) spending most of my time in Maguuma. Failing that, I’m grinding mats in Orr.


Same here. My Daredevil’s name is “Miko Shikaku”, so feel free to say hi. You might see me playing as “Watchman Lee” (my Revenant), “Angela Bennett” (my Mesmer) or “Lyyta” (my Necromancer), but currently I’m more likely to be seen playing as Miko.


Yeah, I’m in. Thanks for the help.


rhamorin is very helpful. He rezzed my Tempest a couple of times last night at the gates of Tarir. Filip W Mac Saur does insane amounts of damage, but will blow over in a stiff breeze.


That’s a great name. And yeah, I know how squishy Elementalists can be. :)


“Tremors are coming from the north.”

After the last phrase in Episode 1 of Season 3, I wonder if that means that… either Primordus is moving around there, or maybe… Jormag has become active too?

EDIT: Ok, just found some info about what that means… here’s a link with a guide to the added content:

And well… it’s Primordus alright.


Preach it. Squishy but fun to play.


My elementalist is probably the tankier of the two characters I play regularly (the other is an engineer). She doesn’t have much in the way of passive mitigation, but her active defense and sustain are tops. Here’s a list of healing sources:

  1. Healing glyph
  2. Scepter 3 and Dagger 5 in water attunement
  3. Heal-on-swap to water attunement (water specialization)
  4. Heal-on-dodge in water attunement (plus condition cleanse) (arcane trait)
  5. Regeneration when using glyphs in water attunement (air trait)
  6. Regeneration when using cantrips (all of my utility/healing/elite skills are glyphs and cantrips)
  7. Remove a condition when granting regeneration to me or an ally

Plus 50% vigor uptime from critical hits and that one arcane trait. I could certainly build to do more damage, but scepter/dagger really lends itself to a bruising midrange sort of play, and the survivability helps in boss fights and PvP.


This is from the official forum, about a minute or so ago:

This is an update to the situation where soulbound items have been incorrectly soulbound to the wrong characters. After further investigation we’ve determined that there is damage to almost all character records that were played this morning, not just to those who transferred soulbound items to or from a bank. To repair the damage, we will have to roll back the state of the game and characters to prior to this morning’s release.

No one wants to lose a play session’s progress. We apologize for this. I’m sure you’ll also have questions about exactly what a rollback means to you. The general answer is that everything about the game state, including things like trading post transactions, will be restored to how it was prior to this morning’s release. The only unusual case will be that if you purchased the game or purchased gems this morning, you’ll still get your purchase.

The process of rolling back and then validating everything to bring the game back up will take hours. We’ll keep you updated. There will be a period of time when these forums will be unavailable, but we’ll post updates through other channels.



I guess that gives a whole new meaning to “tremors are coming from the north”, huh?


Heh. Okay, that got a snicker. +1


Very glad I’ve been glued to Rimworld over the last couple of days rather than catassing GW2. :0


Yeah, Elementalists have some builds with excellent survivability (mostly dependant on healing), but that means giving up on damage (mostly). Most elementalists you’ll find in PvE don’t build like that - you see more of those builds in WvW or dungeons, I suppose.

Anyway… I have an Elementalist and enjoyed playing with him, but I never truly mastered the class. Maybe I’ll try a more survivable build to see if that changes.