Guild Wars 2?


It’s mostly a WvW thing. I don’t like having to keep two sets of gear around, so I built for the more restrictive one and just have to play harder in dungeons to keep up on damage. :P

One of the awesome things the expansion allows you to do is get Fresh Air with a survivable build. Scepter/dagger has decent single-target damage: I start in air, do the quick skills rotation there, then switch air-earth-air-water, using crits from the three-hit autoattacks in earth and water to get back to air for the on-switch lightning bolt and the lightning bolt skill. I usually save fire for might stacking.

Anyway, I’m always happy to chip in with build advice if you want it.


I’ll keep that in mind. Only one of my characters has two sets of armor for different builds, and that is my Necro (I have one power/precision set and one geared for conditions). I should have two sets for my Engineer (which is currently built around kits, particularly the flamethrower - thus with precision/power gear) since condition Engineers are reportedly really powerful, but I’m not playing with my Engineer that much.


I need my game! AAAAAAAAA!


I think Adam Jensen hacked their servers or something. It’s the only explanation.


This is a cinematic that plays early in episode 1 of the Living World Season 3. It’s one of the best cinematics in the whole game, and easily the best in sound fx/design, which is just extraordinary.

No important spoilers, but if you’re sensitive to even minor spoilers, feel free to avoid watching. As for me, I’ll watch (and listen) multiple times, because I think it’s awesome.


Rising Flames is the title for Episode 2 of Living World Season 3, and it arrives on September 20th:

For those who have not unlocked Episode 1 yet, you have until that date to log in and claim it for free.


So, Episode 2 is taking us back to the Ring of Fire (which is a region Guild Wars 1 veterans will surely remember). Here’s a little preview of what expects us on Tuesday in the Ember Bay map:


Some of the daily chests are awesome. I went on the other day because Neverwinter was down for maintenance. I got a chest that had 6 tomes of knowledge. My main is now level 77. I’ll be back soon GW2. When I think I’m out they pull me back in.


this still worth playing from level 1, still hold up well? i flirted with it for a while but never really went all in. thinking about going back.

whats the best ranged dps/bow class?


Ranger is the ranged class in GW2, mostly. It’s also one of the easiest classes to play as. As for best, well, it depends.

Three classes can use the longbow: Ranger, Warrior, and Guardian/Dragonhunter. Two classes can use the shortbow: Ranger and Thief, making the Ranger the only class that can use both kinds of bow.

That said, GW2 has a lot more ranged options. Rifles (used by Engineers and Warriors) and pistols (used by Thieves, Mesmers, Engineers, etc) are the obvious ones, but axes, hammers and even greatswords are ranged options in some classes. So it really depends on what kind of gameplay you enjoy.


For what it’s worth, whenever I’ve logged on (either as my 80 main or any of my alts), there’s always something to do and some direction. I recently created a new Engineer, and it’s been just as fun to play as my higher-level characters (although with a lot of introductory stuff, natch). Every area seems reasonably crowded too, which is nice.


I lost interest in GW2 when the HoT elite classes were announced. My favorite characters are the (Staff) Elementalist and (DD/Shortbow) Thief, but I have zero interest in playing a Tempest or Daredevil.

On a scale from one to completely goofy, how silly is this objection? Are the non-elite classes still viable for endgame PvE and WvW?


I just hit 80 on my elementalist. Started from 1. It was a blast to play, there was never a time that I felt it was getting grindy. As well you sometimes get Tomes of Knowledge from daily chests that bump you up a whole level. In my opinion it’s well worth getting into.


Yup. The power creep in the expansion line is nicely balanced by getting to take three base trait lines.


As someone who still WvWs a lot the non elite classes are non-viable in WvW due to the power creep in the elite lines. For PvE that power creep doesn’t matter unless you’re doing raids and probably high end fractals.


Non-elite builds are still part of the meta for some classes (Elementalist, Mesmer, Guardian, Necromancers). But the elite builds tend to be more powerful and/or versatile for many of the classes, so you’ll see more elite builds than non-elite builds in the meta.

In short, non-elite builds are still viable, depending on the class, but generally speaking elite builds are preferred because they are nearly always better.


So I have an 80. But I still can’t access gliders. Anyone want to explain this to me?


I think you need to go somewhere and complete a challenge to get access to them.

You may need to complete the second chapter of the Heart of Thorns story.


You have to go to the HoT area (Verdant Brink is recommended) and gain enough experience (and 1 mastery point) to unlock the Gliding Basics mastery. I’ll be glad to help you in Verdant Brink until you get it, if you want.


Friendly reminder that, if you haven’t unlocked Episode 1 of the Living Word Season 3 yet, today is the last day you can do so for free.

Episode 2 comes out tomorrow and I’m really excited about that. ;)