Guild Wars 2?


S03E02 is now out, login in the next couple of weeks to unlock it for free.


Halloween is coming! And it arrives on October 18th in Tyria, apparently. ;)


The Mad King is here!

Release notes:


The third episode of Living World Season 3 arrives on November 21st. Trailer and info here:


Great! I just finished the last one. <.<


They just sent me 5 emails about this in the past 15 minutes. One was in German, one in French, one in Spanish, and two in English, haha.


They mentioned that on Twitter. It was an error and that shouldn’t happen anymore. Hopefully. ;)


Episode 3 of Living World Season 3, “A Crack in the Ice”, is out now!


Winter(sday) is coming!


And Wintersday is here!

Patch notes:


Heads-up: Wintersday ends tomorrow, so if you want to get some more gifts or enjoy the snowball fights, you have only a few hours to do so. :)


So Wintersday ended, but the Lunar New Year festivities just got started (yesterday)!


Quick news about Episode 4 of Living World Season 3 (and paging @Fishbreath since he asked me about it in another thread) :

We’re wrapping up work on Episode 4 of Living World Season 3 and expect to launch it in February, hitting our normal cadence of a new episode every 2~3 months. I want to give a quick heads-up here on a few topics that I know the community is anticipating, things that will and won’t be bundled with this episode.

This release will include the promised fix to AB multi-looting. The fix is simple: you can loot each of the great and grand chests once each time you complete the meta, once per map cycle.

This release will also include a new, challenging group-farming spot for leather.

This release won’t include legendary armor. We’re getting close to completion, though, and may be able to ship legendary armor with the Ep5 release.

This release won’t include a skill balance update. As we did last time, we’ll ship the next skill balance update off-cycle from Living World releases.


More news on Episode 4: it’s called “The Head of the Snake”, comes out February 7th (one week from today), and you can watch the trailer and get more info in the link below:


Brilliant. Thanks for the heads-up—I just finished E3 the other night, so I guess I’m right on schedule. Maybe I’ll spend some time over the next weekend or two hunting mastery points…


As always, let me know if you need help or company. ;)


Episode 4 is out after a 1-day delay caused by Blizzard - I mean, not the Blizzard, but a Blizzard (with a capital B) that hit Seattle yesterday.

Anyway, here’s more info:


You know when something looks so dumb that it circles back around to looking cool?


Guild Wars 2 has its share of those. ;)


The Super Adventure Box will be back on March 30th!