Guild Wars 2?


I see what you mean! That was pretty nuts.

I did have to make it past the last mission from the previous chapter first, which was brutally, pile-drivingly, punishingly hard for me. Maybe it’s just that I’m out of practice, or out of practice fighting the jade monsters, or maybe my build has just finally gone subpar, but I ended up corpse-rushing the Caudecus fight, as well as the one with the bandits and White Mantle in the cavern.


Nah, it’s a tough and nearly unfair fight in which most classes might have difficulties, particularly the “mage/light” ones. The fact that it happens in an enclosed space that makes the camera go bonkers doesn’t help.


That would explain the difficulty my scepter/dagger elementalist had. :P


Yeah, I took my mesmer there. It was tricky to say the least. A necromancer with the proper build would fare better, I’m sure, but warriors and guardians (perhaps rangers?) would surely have a much easier time there. Sort of.

The instanced/story boss fights in GW2 are… hmmmmm… not very good, actually. They tend to be gimmicky and even a bit unfair, so this one is kind of par for the course.


This is the first one that’s really struck me as unfairly hard. (Mordremoth was rough, I guess.) Gimmicky, I’ll certainly allow, and I find they’re generally a lot less annoying with a second person along.


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Okay boss. I will comply.


C’mon, boss. You know it’s my job, right? ;)




Finished Episode 5 yesterday, and it was really, really interesting.

And of course, just to prove me wrong, the final boss fight is actually pretty good and well designed. It was a really nice surprise.

This episode not only drops a lot of twists in the story so far, but it also basically builds a solid ground for going into the expansion…

…which is most likely going to be (due to some of the events in this Episode) about the Crystal Dragon Kralkatorrik, which also means that we’ll be going to the Crystal Desert and likely Elona. That seems to fit with some recent “leaks” found in the game files.

Anyway, exciting stuff for fans of the game. I think there’s a really big chance that Episode 6 will be released along with details of the expansion (maybe even preorders), not only because it’s the last episode in this season, but because now it totally makes sense to do that.


With you on all counts. The final fight was excellent. I’m looking forward to the next bit, and to seeing where the story is going to go from here.

Well, nagging forum software, if other people were still playing enough to talk about it, then I would.


So I just leveled my Ranger to 80. I’m really liking the gameplay with a pet. Looks like I’m getting back into GW2 in a big way.


Totally loving gliding around Maguuma. Great new content. This is totally not a bump. I wouldn’t do that.


Oh yeah, the gliding is awesome. I also enjoy the verticality of many of the new areas. That said, some of the maps can be really confusing, and unfortunately some of them have very few population nowadays, which makes some things difficult. Still awesome, much more now that you can also glide in Central Tyria.


Also, smokescales and pocket raptors can go die in a fire. :)


Yeah, I just recently realized that the yellow “glide bar” drains fast. You have to do some areas like a HALO jump. And yeah, confusing as hell. But fun.


Maybe it’s coincidence, but this feels like a “hint” about the setting/theme of the next expansion, especially after episode 5 of the current Living World season:


WvW update is out. Not sure how many of you WvW (I almost never do), but it seems this update is kind of a big deal.


The sixth and final episode of Season 3 has a date now: July 25.

I’d say there’s a big chance that we will also get some official info on the next expansion by then as well.