Guild Wars 2?


Trailer for the final episode of Season 3:


I feel bad because at this point, I just jump on for an hour or two every couple of weeks just to mess around. My MMO time is mostly going to ESO nowadays.


Well, that trailer got me HYPED.

Possible spoilers about possible places this episode might go: ArenaNet is clever. There are lots of nods to lots of possible places to go in that teaser. “Unlikely allies” is the main question here. It appears we’re going back to Orr for this final episode, and that could mean that we’ll look for the Scepter of Orr, or perhaps try getting help from the Lich, or even Muursat?

Possible spoilers about where the expansion might go: And since the expansion will most likely take place in Elona, there’s also a possible (temporary) alliance with Palawa Joko, which would bring back all the nostalgia of Nightfall.

So yeah, I’m HYPED.


“One Path Ends”, the final episode of Season 3, is out now.


And Arena Net will reveal details about the next expansion one week from now, on August 1st!

But if you want a preview idea of what it will/might include… I’ll post some spoilers from leaks below…

* 1 new Elite Specialization for each class

* mounts (and different mounts have different skills)

* taking place in Elona, which is great news for fans of GW1/Nightfall; new areas seem to be pretty large, and they’ll probably be designed as a mix of old GW2 maps and Heart of Thorns maps in terms of features/events/etc

* probably facing Kralkatorrik, the Crystal Dragon


As Game Director, it’s been my job to represent you—our players—making sure we put you in the center of every decision we make, and making sure we reinvent ourselves when we need to for your benefit, or push ourselves further when we need to. When you think about it that way, it’s really not much different from the job of a studio head. I’ve loved acting as your GD, and I’m not going anywhere, but I know that eventually my other responsibilities will require more of my time, so I’m going to introduce you to someone else that I know will put players first: Mike Zadorojny, also known as Z, the lead designer of the second expansion. You’ll see a lot of him in the lead-up to the expansion release, and then he’ll join the Live side too, and I expect he’ll eventually take these reins. Z has been working on Guild Wars® for over a decade and on Guild Wars 2 since the beginning, and he loves the game as much as anyone in the world. He’ll do you proud.

And now, here we are at the start of a crazy week, shipping the season finale and leading into the announcement of the new expansion. You know our goal has been to do it all with no breaks in content delivery. It’s an ambitious goal we set for ourselves at the start of this season and at the start of expansion development. It requires us not only to essentially ship two products at the same time, but also to time them perfectly, so the story of one flows right into the setup of the next. Honestly, it’s crazy. But we have great, experienced teams working on both Live content and the second expansion, and I think we’re about to pull it off.

So wish us luck, enjoy the season finale, and I’ll see you again next week for the big unveiling!


Path of Fire is the expansion name. Sept 22nd launch.


Yes, and since GW2 has no vertical progression, it’s a standalone expansion-- you don’t need Heart of Thorns to get it. Looks pretty cool.

I bounced off GW2 at level 45 or so. Never hit max level or played the first expansion. Maybe I’ll give it another shot, I really like the idea of using mounts.


GW2 at release was one of the most promising MMOs I’d played. Usually I find MMOs are so rough at first, but kind of find their stride an expansion or two in. I was really excited to see where GW2 was going to go, after getting of to such a great start.

Unfortunately, for someone who found the GW2 storyline to be something I had to suffer through, their focus on story updates has left me little to get excited about since release. I did pick up the Heart of Thorns expansion and played with the new class and some of the specializations, but I got bored pretty quick. I find their PVP to be very messy/sloppy and while I appreciate the horizontal progression, it has left the PVE without any sort of hook or carrot to keep me engaged.

These games are like little projects to me where I love acquiring new toys (a new ability, new ways of customizing my character, maybe a set of items that allows me to play a different style). The allure of the build kind of falls flat for me, though, when I can’t find much appealing to do with it. I could go play around with the new specializations to… complete story content? No thanks.

Sorry for the whine, this game just got so tantalizingly close for me it makes it frustrating! If I just disliked the game it’d be easy to ignore, but it’s right there and I keep hoping they put in something that can finally hook me, because I really enjoy the different classes and the gameplay is pretty good too.


It’s kind of funny that, in the expansion, you’re going to Elona to face a god. Which is pretty much what the second expansion to the original Guild Wars was about.


I would have been psyched for this expansion until Heart of Thorns. But Heart of Thorns doubled down so hard on the need for a group to actually enjoy playing that I found literally nothing I could engage with as a solo player. So unless this one makes a complete u-turn on that stuff I can’t see any reason to get it.

I don’t actually object to a group emphasis in MMO design, mind you. But I don’t have a group.


Since we’re all griping about HoT, what really killed it for me was all the gating from masteries. Being unable to progress the story because I had to grind zones that were awful for soloing destroyed my interest.

They appear to have learned a lot of lessons from HoT (including pricing) and I hope they don’t make the same gating design decision with mounts. For $30 I’ll likely give it a shot at/near launch.


I had the same reaction – the storyline was a net negative in that game. Heck, that’s true of most MMO’s. The Secret World and SW:TOR are the only recent exceptions that come to mind.


Wait this is coming out middle of September? That’s unexpectedly fast.


It’s been in the works for a good while, I’ll say. I think Anet has two teams - main one worked on the expansion, second one on the Living Season episodes, and both teams coordinated with each other. It was the same with Heart of Thorns, as far as I know.


I had some fun times with this game back in the day, but I realized the other day when I logged in to claim the last episode of season three that I’m never going to actually play season three. Or season two. Or heart of thorns.


I resemble this remark. Every time I think about playing, I realize there’s a good chunk of my backlog that sounds more interesting.


I usually have to reinstall up to the “playable” point to grab the next chapter each time. And yet here I am considering getting PoF - I have ESO sitting here unplayed, no lvl 80 character in GW2 (don’t have HoT), kids bought BDO at some point so I have that around as well…

Kicked my WoW habit a while ago, yet can’t let MMOs go in general. But yet, I don’t play them much either. At least with WoW, the subscription focused me. Now I throw money down “without the guilt of subscription to keep me playing”…and don’t play at all. WTH.


There’s a Path of Fire Preview Weekend going on (started earlier today and goes until Sunday), and it’s open to everyone. If you want to see some of the new features and areas in the expansion, you can go there now!


The last time I fired up GW2, I tried a bunch of Warframe mobility key combos and promptly fell off a ledge, so I may wait until I can more properly dedicate some time to it. :P