Guild Wars 2?


Wintersday is coming. December 12.


Free Black Lion Chest and key if you login today. Or this week, apparently.


I don’t really need the chest since I have about 20 of 'em, but the key will be nice. I wish keys dropped more often. I don’t really want to buy them.


I finally got around to listening to the podcast where @rhamorim was the guest. It was nice to ‘meet’ you!

In any case, I decided to fire up Guild Wars 2 because of it and realize I have no idea on how to play. I have one level 46 human warrior with 22% of the map complete. The thought of continuing doesn’t appeal because I have no recollection of what to do, the story that has occurred, and why I chose the abilities I did.

The thought of restarting isn’t that appealing because I will probably remember the story and areas once I start playing and I tend not to be someone who replays content. I’m not quite sure what to do about it.


If you play a different race there will be next to no overlap by that level, in terms of story quests.


Awww, thanks! I hope my non-native English hasn’t been a problem.

As for your warrior… just go from map to map playing. I only finished the personal story in one of my characters 2 years after the game came out, and I played nearly every day since! The maps have plenty of events and stuff for you to do and enjoy. You can later get acquainted with the story you’ve played so far and continue it, or experience it with a different character, or just ignore it altogether. The thing is, GW2 gives you freedom. You don’t have to play the personal story if you don’t want to.


Hmmm. If there isn’t that much overlapping if I start over with another race, maybe it would be best to start a new character with a different race to reacquaint myself with the mechanics and then pick up my old character and continue along.

There is one area that I remember not liking. There was a region in the trees with curving ramps that I just found it a pain to navigate.

@rhamorim, your English was perfectly fine. I had no problem understanding you.


That’s most likely the Sylvari starting area called Caledon Forest. Or maybe the southwest area of Queensdale? Either way, thankfully, most of the maps in GW2 are fairly easy to navigate, though there are exceptions of course.

Again, if you ever need help leveling up or finding your bearings, feel free to call me. I’ll be glad to be of help.


Caledon Forest sounds familiar. That could be it. Thanks for the offer rhamorim!


Lunar New Year arrived in Tyria.


I’ll really need to give this a better try (thanks to Tom and anonymous donor for the key!). After jumping into it and playing for a very short time, I realized there’s something I’m not getting about the combat mechanic; I couldn’t seem to line up my strikes very well so was really just flailing madly at the air. I probably just need practice, but I’ve not had issues getting into an RPG before and I’m not sure what’s different here. Perhaps it’s because I wasn’t locked onto an opponent and need to maintain movement and attack/defence in a zoomed out third-person point of view. Is there a tip I missed that makes it easier?


Flailing madly at the air works just fine so long as you’re flailing at the air where an enemy is standing!

What class are you playing? If you’re doing a melee class, it’s just a matter of standing near your opponent. And note that moving doesn’t mess up most attacks. You can position yourself while attacks are spooling up and even while they’re channeling.

Also, the action camera is really helpful in terms of just moving and looking around. I don’t think it’s the default camera, so you might have to go into the options to enable it. I have a hotkey set to toggle between the action camera, which is full mouse control like an FPS, and the mouse cursor for when I need to click an icon or check a tooltip.



There are a few very useful settings if you are having trouble controlling your attacks, all are on the first page of the options:

Ground targeting: Fast with range indicator (this means you can hold down a key to see where an AOE spell will cast, then release the key when it’s where you want it)

Autotargeting: ON (this will automatically find a target for you if you don’t have one selected. Usually in the direction you are facing. Disable this if you use certain movement skills to escape enemies)

Melee attack assist: ON (stops you from running past your target in melee)

Snap ground target to current target: ON (very useful, especially in combination with fast ground targeting. It initializes your ranged AOE attack to the current target, then you can move and adjust if necessary)


Oh, huh, that’s what I was missing. Didn’t even make it to the options to see what was available. Thanks for the tips, I’ll look into all of those. The character I created is a Silvari thief, so melee, and perhaps that action camera will help out.


I’ve an etiquette question: it seems there’s often other players battling creatures as I roam. Am I expected to join in, avoid them at all costs (to not get drawn into the fight), stand by in case they need help, or something else? I usually play a game solo, and other players have jumped into combat I started, so I’m not sure what’s appropriate.


You don’t reduce the other player’s rewards by helping out, so I’d say it’s both polite and acceptable, but not expected or required.


Good to know, thanks. I take it loot is treated the same way, that if I pick something up I’m not stealing it from someone else?


That’s right.


There is never any situation in Guild Wars where another player’s presence is in any way a negative. RPing aside, I suppose. But it’s very specifically designed so that you will never mind seeing another player.



While your presence is never a negative, there are some situations where you are expected to not kill certain enemies, or kill them in a certain order, in order to ensure an optimal outcome (eg Molten Boss Fractal). So people might yell at you if you don’t behave as expected, though more commonly they will explain the procedure to you for the next time. This is almost exclusively applies to instanced content, you can really do whatever you like on the open world map.