Guild Wars: Crash

Everytime I got play, my computer crashes. Mind you, this has happened with other games, but not every single time I play the game. After it crashes there’s this loud, low beeping sound and I have to pull the power cord to make it stop. Do I maybe need more RAM? I have 512K.

Insufficient memory should just make it crash to the desktop, but it would thrash the disk noticably before getting to that point.

The usual suspects are overheating and insufficient power, and I’ve had them both happen: WoW used to crash when my power supply was failing and not putting out enough voltage, and later on Source games and Trackmania would crash due to the video card overheating from a buildup of dust.

Check the voltages with whatever tool’s appropriate for your MB (e.g., ASUS Probe), ideally while the game is running since they can be different under load. To see if it’s heat, try underclocking the video card by a large amount so that it’s not putting out as much.

Also try to run it in a windows instead of full screen. Log in and run around, see if it crashes the system. If it does, chances are it’s heat or voltage, not drivers.
I had a problem with my Video card that kept crashing the game. I reinstalled the drivers but eventually wound up RMA’ing 2 7800GS and changed brands. Runs fine now.

What kind of Card are you trying to run it on?

Also try different resolutions. I had an issue with guild wars crashing all the time at 1600X1200 on my 7900gt. The solution was to force 4XAA at the the driver level. Yeah make the card work harder to stabilize it. Makes sense to me :-)

Of course. GPUs give up in protest nowadays if they’re not fully loaded.

If none of the above works, check sound drivers. Completely uninstall them in
the worst case and see if it still crashes.

Blame the Japanese.