Guild Wars: Did I screw up?

I did the quest where the guy said “there’s no turning back!”. I fought in the arena against some other players, won, then went into the new world.

Now, my question is… is it impossible for me to get the skills that were in the old world now, if I didn’t get them before going to the new world?

Also… in the new world, do people point you to where you can get new skills? I’ve gotten a few skills for doing quests… are these skills given to me dependent on my profession? Are the skills given out at the end of quests random?

There’s no reason to stay in the newbie world. It’s just a place where you determine your primary and secondary class before moving on to the real game. There’s nothing you can get there that you can’t get afterwards.

There’s a guy who sells skills in Ascalon City. Hold down ALT to see the NPC tags and you should be able to find him easily. I’m pretty sure quests are adjusted to your classes. At any rate, no one’s going to give you a skill you can’t use.


(Bah, I typed EXACTLY what Tom said, then discovered he got his post
in between me typing and clicking Reply :P )

Yes, the quests adjust to your class. Some quests even give you quest
goals more suited to your class. Many quests/bonus quests exist that
give you more skill points. At the current rate I have for all my characters,
I suspect I’m not running out of skill points, ever.

Guess you’ve never heard of Heal Area :/.

Hehe. I did the exact opposite. All the red lettering ("[color=red]There’s no turning back[/color]"/"[color=red]Kiss your wife and babies goodbye[/color]") sent off bells and whistles in my head. I was overly cautious and did nearly every quest on the face of the continent before moving on.

Guess you’ve never heard of Heal Area :/.[/quote]

Heal area can be useful, it just takes a whole lot of care. I remember during the E3 beta when it took me about 5 casts to figure out how the hell the gargoyle was healing itself too…

Heal Area is very situational, so it might be a bit hard to fit into the 8 skill limit. However, consider that compared to Heal Party, it heals about twice as much health, casts twice as fast and costs 33% less energy. Even if you are not healing any team mates, it’s more mana efficient for self-healing than e.g. Orison of Healing (at higher levels of Healing attribute).