Guild Wars E3 client download now available

I’m stoked to try this one out. Looks interesting… I’m interested to see what sort of scope the game has compared to something like a MMORPG. Should be very cool.

Looks like these guys are just going with the broadband only crowd by going with the sreaming of content as you need it way. Can’t see 56Kr’s waiting over and over agin as they go to a new area for all the graphics files etc to DL to their machine.

From what I’ve heard this would only be an issue when a user doesn’t have an expansion that a group member does. Then it would download the levels.

Each “zone,” or mission area, only downloads to your machine when and if you enter it. Thus, all players will have to download whatever zones they enter at some point. The good part is that this happens only once unless there are changes.


This creature is keen as hell.

Maybe I’m way off base, that’d be normal, etc., but someone needs to get these guys a marketing person. ‘Guild Wars’? That’s the most generic, horrible name for a game perhaps ever. It looks great, I can’t wait to try it out, but Guild Wars? please…

From the name of the game they obviously want to cater to the hardcore PVP crowd that is into games like release-UO, shadowbane, and lineage. Saw this bundled on CD with the newest PC Gamer as well, if you don’t feel like downloading it.


People don’t give a damn about quality, just look at Star Wars movies.



So are they still planning on no monthly fee?

How do either of those two movies magically equate to people not liking quality? For The Phantom Menace, it was hardly widespread that the movie sucked before it came out. You do admit that people had to see the movie, right? As for AOTC, a lot of people were hoping it’d be better and “darker” as a lot of insiders suspected. And the franchise still carries weight. All that doesn’t mean people don’t like quality… the fact that the movies weren’t huge blockbusters like the first three is more than proof.

— Alan

I’m pretty sure he was just making reference to the quality of the movie’s name.


— Alan

Regardless of the naming chicanery, I’m really excited about this game. I look at the feature list on the website and on various previews, and it looks like everything I’m looking for in a game. Persistance without grind. Fantasy PvP with fair teams. Need for informed decisions about what skills to take along on your character. Solo, group, and guild level events. What’s not to like? The lack of a monthly fee is just icing on the cake. If they can deliver on their promises, I would gladly pay monthly to play.

Nice things about the client so far:

Resizable and alt-tabable. Both without skipping a beat. Nice.

May be my connection, but it seemed to update in the background quickly, and with little impact on the program itself.