Guild Wars: Redux

When guild wars first came out, I was in the process of repairing my main system, but I promised myself that I’d play it once I had the box repaired. A few days ago, I kept that promise, and picked up a copy of guild wars. I’m enjoying it muchly with my level 9 Elementalist/Necromancer, but I’d be enjoying it a whole lot more if the QT3 guild wasn’t totally empty of people still playing. I haven’t had much success wrangling up a group in the QT3 irc channel, since pretty much everyone but Union Carbide is burnt out on the game, so I’m trying here. If anyone would be interested in putting together a group, just after the Searing, either drop me a pm, respond in this thread, or toss Ainslaye Arcanis a message in-game. I’m in the QT3 guild, but if there’s enough interest, I’d have no objection to starting a new guild to actually be active in guild vs. guild play. Then again, I’m probably being wildly over-optimistic, here.

edit: Rumors are circulating of a list of possible changes coming to guild wars, announced by a developer at the end of this weekend’s ‘PVP EXTREME’ event.

-Adding new GvG options (In-Guild Scrims for example)

-Ability to see Pet Status in the future

-Tons of new skills/items (obviously)

-ANet is working on allowing Warriors to Dual-Weld, no promises though

-Guild Storage is being worked on

-Improving the ‘Friend Interface’

-"expanding’ PvP Options

-Faction will be permenantly increased in the future

-Making Pets more different from one another. Also being able to see their damage.

-Possibily new races to use

-Possibility of 15k armors having different abilities to different them from 1.5k armors, only with a ‘penalty’.

-Increasing the number of characters per account.

-New music is in the works

-Auction House is being worked on

-Working on some kind of ‘fairness’ Votekick when in parties (YES!)

Caveat emptor: this is, of course, just a rumor, right now.

I just got the game a week ago, it’s not too bad but the henchmen can be quite annoying…would be nice to play with real people. Got a few different chars lvl 10-14, let me know when is a good time to get in touch ingame.

Tried to add Ainslaye Arcanist to friends list, but said no such name existed…

I’ve got a level 14 N/W, would be nice to play with Qt3 people. Hell if I’m leaving my guild though, I’m in there with three friends from high school.

Sorry, didn’t notice that I had a typo in my first post - It’s Ainslaye Arcanis, not Arcanist.

I got about 90 hours of great gameplay out of Guild Wars, and think the dev team did a great job. I’m going to restart from the beginning at some point, but PVP doesn’t interest me so the game is kind of on deep freeze atm. Thankfully it doesn’t have a monthly fee.

The biggest problem with playing through the PvE again is the griefers in Missions. It’s incredibly frustrating to waste an hour doing some mission because somebody goes Leeroy in the last 5 minutes.