Guild Wars: The Return

Ok, so I have decided to return to Guild Wars… mainly because I am pretty tired of WoW

I played GW for a couple of weeks when it first came out… so I dont recall much about the game other than my addiction to WoW was much greater.

Now that the game has been patched and I believe has a free expansion, can someone who still plays give me the heads up for major changes since launch?

Also, what is the preferred profession of the moment? I think I had a warrior/monk…

(ie. what is the leetest beyatch for someone who likes to solo a lot?)

I haven’t played since summer, but I believe the best solo duo-professions is still Warrior/Monk, but wait for someone else’s confirmation first.

Since we’re on the topic, I’ll be starting up again soon since my new computer arrives tomorrow, so I was wondering if any QT3ers would like to get together again and play?

Is an internet connection required?

Confirmation achieved!


I haven’t played guild wars since I tried wow last summer. My favorite was mesmer/nec .

I’m down for some Guild Wars if it gets revived. I’m an officer in the QT3 guild, for what it’s worth.

just played it… went from level 8 to level 9 in 3 hours! woah! I must be doing something wrong

of course it took me 30 minutes to figure out how to play the game again… and finding a group takes an hour…

one of the confusing things about the game is I never know when I am in an instance or in a safe zone … and my pet keeps disappearing!!!

Thre ya go… when the pet disappears, you’re in the safe zone. :wink:

Are any QT3 guild invitations still available? If so, could you please send me one? Thanks!

Character name: Spin Echo
Level 7 R/E, pre-searing

I still play a bit of GW pvp. The warrior monk is probably the easiest if you want to solo. Sooner or later you have to start grouping in the game though, although henchies will take you a fair bit of the way. You will obviously run into your fair share of morons when and if you group.

The new content is a couple of new quests and a few new areas, the areas are high lvl and I have only visited them briefly. Ever since they instituted the opportunity of acquiring skill and item unlocks from pvp I cant bring myself to bother with the pve.

The pvp reward system also means that you do not have to farm for good item if you want to be competetive in pvp. If you concentrate on a few professions you can acquire enough faction point relatively quickly to add the extra skills you want to customise a premade template etc.