Guild War's Thunderhead Keep

I’ve just about had it with this mission and this game.

I can deal with games that require players to form parties to succeed. I’m fine with it, I really am. But I can’t deal with games that require a competently organized party to succeed, that makes it nearly impossible for even a half-decent pick up group to progress.

This mission is ridiculous – you can cruise through it when you take it mob by mob, but the second a single thing goes out of whack – say you lose control of the feeble King-who-must-be-protected, or some idiot warrior forgets that monks need to recharge between fights – all is lost. The mission is obviously do-able, but it requires too much luck and reliance on other players.

I just wasted another half hour of my life on this mission, only for the idiot King to go chasing one of those bone fiends into a congregation of mobs. Le finis. After the earlier wasted half hour that ended in ruin because someone got angry and left because he’d brought the Capture Skill signet and it “didn’t work.” Which makes me think he would have left anyway had he found whatever he was looking for.

I really don’t get it. I’ve been playing games for years and I’ve never seen such a malicious brick wall of difficulty planted so suddenly in the middle of an otherwise piss-easy title. It’s like they lured you into the candy store, then had the entire south London curry-eating team blast shit in your face.

I know it’s not just me, because the preceeding chatroom city area is awash with people fawning over monks and talking about how “disciplined” they need you to be. I was kicked from one team because my warrior character uses swords! The fan forums have FAQS for the mission with lines like, “This mission requires communication and trust with people you know.” What is this, anal fisting?

Death is too good for the misanthrope who created this mission.

How did you get past the 50th scorpion and rock golem? I never made it past Shattered Ascalon before Boredom claimed me as its victim.

I’m also in the SelfishGene Pool.

First, regardless of team makeup, if you cannot get to the keep, you suck.

Second, once you get to the keep, have one person each man the catapults on top of the castle (there are 2) and have them launch at the mobs that conveniently stand in the landing spot before attacking the castle. This will knock them down to about half health. THEN, have the remaining players kill the half healthed mobs at the gate (the players will have to run back and forth between gates). If you do this, you will have no problems at all.

My big problem with the game was I spent over an hour on a mission, wiped, and had to start over again. I would have liked it if you could unlock “rez points” in case of a whipe so you didn’t have to do the whole damn thing again.

I know the theory, intimately. I just don’t have the time to roll the dice over and over again, taking half an hour each time, when too many things can go wrong that I have no control of, i.e. hell is other people.

I can get to the end fine with henchies. I can do it in my sleep now. Henchies can generally be made to act sensibly, which in this mission makes them superior to almost all humans. But they cannot defend the keep very well using the proper tactics – they cannot operate catapults at all, for starters. You have to camp the king, which is absolutely luck of the die.

And I’ve played through at least a dozen times with humans, and in every single instance, at least one player has done something stupid to fuck it up for everyone else.

If anyone would be interested in helping me through this mission, they will have my eternal gratitude.

I keep a list of friends in WoW… very competent and useful players. The kind of people I enjoy grouping with. I find that when I group with guildies or friends I have a lot more success than when I group with randoms.

I keep a list of friends in WoW… very competent and useful players. The kind of people I enjoy grouping with. I find that when I group with guildies or friends I have a lot more success than when I group with randoms.[/quote]

I’ve started doing the same. I’m the leader of a small guild (we’re all real-life friends) and I’ve been molding them into good players. I’ve also started to add decent people from pick-up groups to my friends list (and they’ve been doing the same with me). These are people who know how to play their class well and also are fair with the loot, passing when they don’t need, etc. I think I’ve met five or six people like that now, and I’ve grouped with them for running instances several times.

Conversely, when a complete idiot or jerk joins my group, they get added to my ignore list so I never make the mistake of grouping with them again. Sometimes I don’t even remember how people got added to my ignore list, but I figure if they’re on there, it’s probably for a damn good reason.

Worst mission ever. For a while i had a tally going on the vault forums to see how many tries it would take me to get past it. I got to 34 and then gave up. Started a new character about 2 weeks ago, and haven’t felt like touching the game much since then…

Perhaps for some people it is easy. But for me, it hasn’t been. Luck of the draw i guess.

I had trouble with that mission, but that amounted to replaying it a few times. I would recommend changing your secondary class to monk so that you can heal the king yourself. Also, the early part of the mission is much easier with another human player, since you can have the person whom the king is following stay far away from the combat to keep the king out of it.

For the most part i just found the defense of the keep tedious. The one challenging part that i failed a couple of times is the incursion from the monk mursaat boss. He’s so hard to kill that the distraction would allow other enemies to sneak past and kill the king. Bring the right anti-monk skills along and you should be able to take him down quickly. Don’t bother with the catapults, the enemies come in waves of 3-4.

Most ppl in pick up groups are idiots. You seriously may be better off soloing, or just finding one reasonable partner.

Okay, I’m going to actually unlurk for this one, just 'cause I hate to see people get frustrated. (I would have thought Flannum would help, but he seems to be taking a nap or something)

Thunderhead requires some patience to keep from aggroing more than one group at a time, but taken alone, most of the mob groups are very manageable. Some key points:

Watch the patrolling groups and time your attacks so that another group doesn’t come up on you while you’re fighting. Sounds simple, but a lot of people don’t do it. Try to pull the first group back out of the path of a patrolling group if you absolutely have to, but if you know enough about which classes to focus on first, you should have plenty of time.

In the keep, you don’t have to touch the catapults, and you don’t have to stand by the gates. I found it easiest to keep the whole group on the stairs, close to the king, but far enough to keep him from aggroing and joining the fights.

Kill each wave as quickly as possible so they don’t pile up. DO NOT attempt to kill the bosses first. They take too long, and you’ll receive too many hexes, etc… from their minions in the meantime. (while the boss also receives healing, buffs, etc… that draw out the fight) That’s a basic truth, but especially important here where time is a factor. Kill bosses last.

Avoid pick up groups. Too many people get rushed to the end game by their friends and never really pick up the basic skills of how to play the game. If your only option is a random group, consider just taking henchmen. People like to complain about the henchmen, but I find them better and less annoying than an average PUG. So far, there has only been one mission I wasn’t able to complete with an all henchmen party, so it’s doable.

Anyway, good luck.

Thanks everyone. I will try again tonight. I have had a few days to calm down in, and for my frustration at a video game to resolve into a hard knot of bitter hatred for mankind in general.

This mission has been under a lot of discussion her lately and it is definately a much larger jump in difficulty than was intended. You can probably expect some changes to it sometime in the future (although I can’t promise anything specific). Sorry to see that you were so frustrated but if it’s any consolation you made the designer responsible cry… well not really but he’s real sorry :)

I think it’s the second hardest mission in the game if not the hardest. Hell’s Precipice is long and hard but not as frustrating. If you have a group that is patient, has winter, and can agro carefully it isn’t too bad. What makes Thunderheadkeep so frustrating is having to babysit the npc king.

Going through with my first character took 3 attempts and well over 3 hrs of play. When we finally beat it we did use catapults, don’t get suckered into boss fights, and FREQUENTLY run back up the stairs and check on the king to make sure no baddies slipped by.

Maybe have the npc king Ping the radar or yell out or something when he’s under attack would be helpful.

I’m joking, really. I am merely prone to gamer’s apoplexy. :)

It is definitely a bitch of a mission, though. The most surprising thing was how it reminded me of some of those old 8-bit games with punishing difficulty curves – games like Jet Set Willy where there would be this one screen where you simply could not figure it out.

You should probably keep it just the way it is. It’s fast becoming legendary. All is forgiven if you post a message to the login screen’s news ticker that says the following:

“Re: THUNDERHEAD KEEP. Thank you for your many messages concerning this mission. Suck it up, bitches.”

Well we aren’t gonna make it totally easy so much as try to remove some of the frustrations of the mission… if you like hard missions you’ll have some fun with the Summer Update for sure.