Guild Wars: Trading (with each other!) thread

Not sure if people are interested in this kind of thread or not, but if not, just let it die a slow death. But I thought hey, maybe it would be helpful if we set up a thread to facilitate trading between us, because we’re not all on at the same time. So feel free to post what you want to get rid of or what you want to have, and maybe someone will take you up on it.

I’ll start. I’ll take best offer on all of this stuff, although it seems like you’re all higher level than me so you probably won’t want it anyway :/.


Fighty-type things

  • War Hammer: 8-11, +10% while enchanted
  • War Hammer: 11-17 (req. 3 Hammer Mastery)
  • Double-bladed Axe: 6-12 (req. 5 Axe Mastery), +11%, Energy -5
  • Tall Shield: Armor 6 (req. 6 Tactics), Armor +10 while attacking, -10 while casting [2]
  • Ascalon Bow: 9-13 (req. 3 Marksmanship), +25% v. Charr, Energy +5

Magicy-type things:

  • Inscribed Chakram: Energy +6 (req. 5 Domination Magic), Domination Magic +1 (20% chance while using skills), Health +30
  • Smiting Staff: Energy +4, 3-4 Light damage (req. 4 Smiting Prayers)
  • Cane: 6-9 Chaos damage (req. 2 Domination Magic), Energy +1 while health is above 50%
  • Divine Symbol: Energy +7 (req. 3 Divine Favor), Armor +4, Energy -5
  • Healing Ankh: Energy +4, Health +16 while hexed
  • Grim Cesta: Energy +6


  • Good (say 13+ min damage) sword that also looks cool and has good bonuses? And is kinda cheap?