Guild Wars vs World of Warcraft

So I gave up WoW a couple of months ago to go do things that are productive. Now that I’m tired of productivity, I’m thinking of starting another MMORPG to revel in a world other productive people have created for my lazy ass to while away its time.

The question is, should I go back to WoW?

Leaving WoW was easy because I got tired of the numerous problems that plagued the game; (most of which being other players) and the game world wasn’t offering me anything new besides ph4t l00t. I’m not a ph4t loot kinda guy.

Or should I pick up Guild Wars?

Does it allow me casual solo play as and when i want to?
Does it offer more than pure grinding?
Does it have an immersive world story, or at least one that isn’t pieced together by fantasy cliche?
Will i get to dance with fellow QT3 mates in sheer camaraderie?
Will it be worth the time I’m sacrificing to hypothetically learn, akido, swahilee, 13th century Polynesian history, soft toy grooming, and a world class barefeet water skier?

I remain undecided, awaiting the wisdom of the wise sages of QT3…

GW isnt really an MMORPG

You can’t really solo in GW, at least I couldn’t. Kept having my ass handed to me. You can always recruit CPU-controlled henchmen quickly and easily though. The level cap is actually really low (Level 20), so after that the only motivation is phat loot. The story is alright, but it takes a back seat to combat, and if you ever play in a group everyone wants to skip the cutscenes anyway (whose characters don’t even have moving mouths when they speak). I’m playing now, don’t think too many other people are though.

But yeah, it isn’t an MMORPG. It’s more like Diablo II, except prettier and bigger, with a lot more skills, an emphasis on grouping, and some more complexity.

Granted, quick responsive guy.

But is it worth the time I’m gonna put into it.

I enjoy RPGs when they have deep satisfying character build systems and an engaging storyline. Ones that I can take my time and explore. Truth is, I’m a little tired of the whole fantasy era, and wish that someone would make a halfway competent science fiction RPG. (post-apocalytic, galaxy spanning, dystopian ideology, sans Star wars)

But until that happens. Guild wars continues to entice me with it beautiful soft focused look.

I’m playing EverQuest II and having a great time. It’s only $20 for the box at Gamestop and the expansion ships next month.


Actually the loot in Guild Wars is very very unphat… so the real motivation in playing after level 20 is collecting skills. People who like Guild Wars tend to be people who really get into the Guild Wars skill system. To sum it up basically you have about 150 different skills available to your character, but can only bring in 8 to a mission. Think of it a bit like a Collectible Card Game where your skill bar is your “deck”. If that sounds interesting to you then Guild Wars might be a good game for you to play. Of course if you learn Akido you can go all Stephen Seagal on people so there’s a lot of merit in that too :)

Um, all the people I know who’ve reached Level 20 are still constantly on the hunt for better equipment. With the dyes, there’s also a lot of room for customization of how your character looks. Black dye costs thousands, and that’s somewhat of a motivation, but also there’s the crafting mechanics involved that keep people playing. That hunt for max damage seems important. Skills are a driving reason to play from start to end, not just post-level cap.

Does it allow me casual solo play as and when i want to?

Yes, you’ll need to take along some NPC henchmen from time to time though. But to me that still counts as soloing. I find GW the most casual playing friendly game so far. Because of the 8 skill limit you’re never far behind the pack so to say.

Does it offer more than pure grinding?

I’ve yet to grind. You’ll be max level without any grinding by just following the story-missions. Let alone the many quests in the game.

Does it have an immersive world story, or at least one that isn’t pieced together by fantasy cliche?

Its not bad at all. Its not bestseller material, but good enough to keep me interested. Oh and do watch the ingame movies! They ain’t bad. Nobody can see its you that is not skipping them anyway :D

Will i get to dance with fellow QT3 mates in sheer camaraderie?

Guess so, you can all find each other no matter where you life. There is only one big server really compared to other MMORPG’s. You can always play with anyone else playing GW no matter where they are.
When you’ve found eachother just /dance away :). You can even do /dance * and all dance to the beat.

Will it be worth the time I’m sacrificing to hypothetically learn, akido, swahilee, 13th century Polynesian history, soft toy grooming, and a world class barefeet water skier?

Well these all sound pretty cool. If going for Swahili, you can start out with this: Tafadhali nataka bia pombe baridi. Can be a lifesaver!

Still GW isn’t a bad choice and you’ll easy get your monnies worth out of it imo…

The thing is items in the game are really pretty modest in power when it comes right down to it. The difference between a superior rune of vigor and a major rune of vigor for example is only 8 health which is in the end rather meaningless. Sure it’s important to have some items that are in the relative ballpark but that’s nothing compared to the difference you’ll see in damage output for an axe warrior with Cleave vs. an axe warrior without Cleave.

The items actually have a very small range of power (compared to most other rpgs) to preserve balance and make it so players are able to play on a more even playing field in PvP.

Of course there are things like the 15k post ascension armor and the super expensive armor you can get from the Fissure of Woe/Underworld but that armor is no better statistically than the stuff you can craft in Droknar’s Forge. You also mention dyes which again are purely cosmetic in nature. I mention this simply because I think someone heading into Guild Wars with the expectation that there will be Phat Loot in their future will be heavily disappointed.

The primary problem with Guildwars is that the AI henchmen are utterly idiotic. But their stupidity is nothing when compared to the idiocy of other players who you might be teamed with. I don’t know what it’s like in WoW, but the length of some of the more involved missions makes repeated attempts to complete them deeply tedious and frustrating, especially if you keep on getting buggered by a party member being a cretin.

Also, in terms of phat loot, it comes a little late in the game. I’m about half-way through now, and I’ve only just managed to get some kit that makes my ranger look less like Michael fucking Flatley.

Must agree with Dave. I have been playing EQ2 ( due to time considerations only casually) since launch and it is fine game. Lot’s to see and do, tons of new content, very soloable (if you’re into that), and lots potential for great groups.

As Dave pointed out, there is a expansion coming out in Sept. that looks very cool.

Both WoW and Guild Wars just didn’t do it for me for various reasons.

Do not want to make any sweeping comment on the different communities, but I found that “asshatery per square inch” was a lot smaller in EQ2.

Guild Wars design is always contradictory.

You can compare its structure to Diablo 2 but you’d give a very bad idea of the game considering how Guild Wars misses the main gameplay hook of Diablo.

In Guild Wars you almost never upgrade your character. You obtain access to new possibilities but never as univocal upgrades. A choice has always an advantage and a disadvantage. A change comes as a dilemma and not as a satisfactory “ding”. So you never feel like actually “achieving”. While Diablo 2 is completely achiever-oriented.

This is why many feel it misses the hooks. All the design is carefully considered to have specific goals. But these goals are contradictory and always not just the “best of all worlds”.

Which makes the game appealing only for a very specific group of players.

I would recommend Guild Wars only if

a) you enjoy pvp and

b) you can find a guild to join.

The pve in the game is very entertaining and the use of henchmen is fantastic for those times you don’t want to deal with other people, but there will be a few missions where you MUST work with other players as they are nigh impossible otherwise.

The thing is, with a 20 level cap (IMHO a good thing) and a story that isn’t terribly long, compared to other MMORPGs, you will find yourself at a crossroads where you have to decide whether you want to level up another characer (a good thing as you can unlock skills for your premade pvp characters) or focus on pvp. There will always be trips to the underworld to entertain you for loot, but the pvp will always be trying to suck you in.

Guild Wars felt like Magic the Gathering in an MMO setting. Keep in mind that once you leave the cities, you are always in an instance. This means that you will never see another player unless you are already grouped with them. No casual pick up groups for assistance. Also, it has the most annoying rail-like movement. You can see places to move to, but you can’t move there because your toon is on rails, like in an old school driving game. Drove me crazy.


I guess I’m going to preorder. The fact that you get a free pet was the deciding factor. :)

The problem I have with the expansion is the fact that for the most part you gotta be 40+ to take advantage of it. Sure thats great for everyone 40+.

You used the word “casual” in your original post, so that means Guild Wars is for you.

IMHO they are both pretty casual. WoW and GW>

You say this like it’s a bad thing.

  • Alan

WoW is well suited for casual play, too. If you’re not encumbered by a desire to “keep up with the Joneses”, WoW does great with casual play. Grind is reduced by rest bonus, which helps.