Guild Wars with the woman

The GF and I are looking for something new and interesting to play together. With 5 level 60s in WoW between us (2 in near full MC gear), you could say WoW is getting a bit stale. So, I’ve been thinking about GW. I figured I’d ask here instead of the official GW board to avoid the typical fanboi responses. ;)

How good is it? Really.

Can the GF and I play together cooperatively right away? If not, how much solo content before we can play together?

How long will it take us to finish the “main story mode” ? The GF is turned off by PvP, so the main quest part is probably the only use we’ll get out of it.

Factions or original GW? I would guess original… I haven’t heard much about a story mode to Factions.


You can pretty much play co-op with someone once you start the game. As you get further into the game, more party member slots open and you can fit more people into it. Your first time thru, the game is going to be good, the missions are pretty well designed and a good team will make it easier. Depending on how lucky you are with groups and how much you play, maybe 2 weeks-to a month. After you finsh the main story until you get factions, there are some hard dungeons left and pvp.

GW should be good to be duoed, at least till a certain point. You can play together right away beside a few tutorial quests and you can still group AI-controlled henchmen to fill the spots in your group. You should be able to compensate the difficulty if you pick a good combination of classes.

Abut whether it’s better to start with the new exp or the old one isn’t easy to say. Chris has a good article comparing the two games but it doesn’t really answer what you ask. In the new exp pack you level up much faster and more content looks like reserved to the endgame. You don’t encounter a mission till late in the game. The first chapter may be more indicated for PvE.

Considering you have five level 60s it’s hard to tell how GW will last for you. It is essentially a PvP game and its design depends heavily on that.

Btw, there’s no GW “official” board.

Five level 60s?! Hotchie motchie, where did you two find the time?!

My pithy review: Guild Wars is a pretty good game which I suck at, with a lot of its content geared towards PvP; but the coop options are good enough to be worth considering.

Like others have said, after the first couple of tutorial missions (which take maybe 15-20 minutes, IIRC), you can start grouping right away. You can fill out your party roster with AI henchmen if need be. No idea how long it takes to finish all the quests.

Personally, though, I’ve always thought Neverwinter Nights (plus some good mods) is a far better RPG for LAN play with one’s friends or SOs than GW or WoW…if you can stomach it fugliness at this point and don’t hate D&D, at any rate. :-)

Yeah 5 lvl 60s damm. I only got one character to lvl 45 before I stopped with Wow. Some of the later missions in Gw are pretty good, long but good. Fair warning, about 3 or 4 missions I think from the end, your going to be forced to do the same mission for every piece of armor you have to survive against a special kind of enemy… Unless they changed it from when I played

They did. You only have to do that mission once now and it fixes up every piece of armor you’re wearing.

I’m not that late in the game, but what I gather is that a lot of the PvE content is with a crapload more quests instead of all the missions in GW.

I don’t know. All I know is so far the supposed PvP crap isn’t invasive to my playstyle (PvE only, obviously) at all. I love both games.

Yeah, but that only works til you change your armor. Still, I only had to do it a few times.