Guilty Gear XX -- Poor Allocation, or Popular?

Everyone I talk to has had the same experience.

“The store here got 4 copies and they all sold out to pre-orders/buys. more are on the way though.”

I didnt think this game would create such a buzz since it’s US release date sort of existed like a ghost until a few weeks ago. Now everyone I talk to is either bitter that they didn’t or glad that they did pre-order.

I almost didnt even get my pre-buy. There were 4 copies at the store and three went out by 1:30pm, and I got the last copy just cause I showed up early enough. Scary thought plunking down 40 bux a week in advance and still not getting my game on release.

Even so, Guilty Gear XX is an amazing game. Guilty Gear X always felt so empty. It was a weird play experience, because I enjoyed the first GGX quite a bit. GGXX has so much more polish, plus lots and lots of new gameplay content, which rocks.

I hiiiighly recommend this game.

I don’t know what caused it, but it was bad yesterday. Only 4 Guilty Gear X2’s came in, and we sold out before 2 pm. A lot of people came in afterwards only to be disappointed.

We did tell them that they really need to pre-order for about $5 if they want to guarantee themselves a copy on release date. That and it helps us gauge the demand better. We only had 1 pre-order for the game at our store, so the warehouse only sent us 4 total.

We already sold out of our intial allocation of Unreal 2 in a day (about 30), and our Road to Rome expansions were selling fast as well.

I didnt expect this much demand for the game. Its warranted tho.

Even so, Guilty Gear XX is an amazing game. Guilty Gear X always felt so empty. It was a weird play experience, because I enjoyed the first GGX quite a bit. GGXX has so much more polish, plus lots and lots of new gameplay content, which rocks.

Can you play as an Engineer?


I feel Guilty… I was able to get it at EB for 40 bux without any hassles… forgive me. harhar!

BTW, I got Marvel vs Capcom 2 for DC… 2d fighters still rock!


Wow, Same exact experience yesterday myself. I called in at a local Gamestop to check if shipments were in, I was told there were only 4 copies that arrived, only 2 were left available within the hour. I picked up the final copy they had left about 2 hours later at near 2pm.

Seems I wasn’t the only one happy to have lucked out getting one of only 4 copies. Glad I made the effort too, the game is fabulous.

Now I just wish somneone would help me better understand the usefulness of Roman Cancelling.

The people found at the website live and breathe Guilty Gear. The site below is a near complete guide to all things Guilty Gear XX. The only thing its missing is comprehensive EX Character info, but that’s a very very minor aspect of the game.

An Example of the Info this Site carries:

The Roman Cancel is one of GG series most innovative features. By pressing any three attack buttons simultaneously during a move that connects or is blocked, you can cancel all of the recovery. The Roman Cancel has many great uses, the primary being for extending combos and increasing damage. Any normal attack, and the majority of Special Attacks and Overdrive Attacks, can be Roman Cancelled which lends itself to some devastating options. Using a Roman Cancel requires 50% of your Tension Gauge. Since not all attacks can be Roman Cancelled, it’s important to study the character movelists to learn what can and can’t be cancelled.

Roman Cancelling blocked attacks can be an effective option as well. Though it still takes 50% of your Tension Gauge, it can often get you out of impending trouble, or set up unexpected follow ups. Since your opponent may expect to block your attack and retaliate as you recover, Roman Cancelling the recovery can catch them off guard and allow you to continue your attack rush. Projectile attacks cannot be Roman Cancelled.

An important facet of Roman Cancelling to be aware of is trajectory. When a move is cancelled, whatever direction and speed your character is travelling will, for the most part, continue. For example, if an upwards moving attack is Roman Cancelled, then your character will continue travelling upwards. This also holds true for forwards, downwards, backwards, and diagonal movement.

Be sure to check the entire thing out. It’s awesome.

Awesome game so far: incredible animation and graphics, smooth, fast gameplay, and easy to pick up despite the depth of the fighting system.

I LOVE the insane character designs. My favorite character so far is Zappa, the possessed guy.

For those without the game and no idea how crazy the character designs can get, here’s an example.
Zappa is an average joe with no fighting ability, but he’s possessed by multiple evil spirits. In combat, one or more of the spirits will take control of him and contort his body into painful, unnatural positions to fight; all of his special moves depend on what random evil spirit is summoned at the moment. These spirits include a trio of straight-jacketed ghosts that launch themselves at the enemy; a ghost dog that vomits its own skeleton out as an attack; a floating, bloody, living sword; and a giant electrical warlord. Randomly as Zappa fights, his head might spin around, he’ll gibber insanely, or he’ll let out blood-curdling shrieks.

Another character that’s seriously out there is I-No, a rocker witch. Literally, she looks like a witch, pointy hat and all, and wields a guitar. And her hat is not just a hat, but a living hat, much like the Hat of Choosing from the Harry Potter series. And many of her attacks involve playing music that hurts the enemy.

There are about 18 other characters, and 3 secret ones, and while not all are as “out-there” in design, GGX2 has some of the most distinctive character design I’ve seen in any game. Good stuff.

I’ve been playing it non-stop. My favorite characters are:

Millia Rage

Millia Rage’s Ex form is pretty awesome. It splits her angel super into two new supers that add a lot of versatility to her moveset, as well as add some new air projectile abilities normal doesn’t offer. Of course I have a lot more trouble comboing with EX Millia for some reason.

Gold Millia is complete over kill, as are all the gold characters.

There are of course, three different versions of every character. Normal/EX/Shadow-Gold Variations. All three are so different you could ALMOST argue the game has 60 different characters to play as. HOWEVER, Gold version characters are mostly just stupid over the top fun. The battles between Gold characters must be downright godly lighting 2D extravaganza to watch.

I love how the defense is there to work towards offensive play. Your defensive special moves are they to create openings for attacks. AWESOME. You also get penalized in the tension gauge if you hide too much.

God this game rox!

I-No is cool! Slashin and jammin the guitar with a Wendy the Witch outfit! Lightning coming from guitars and stuff!

Bridgitte is scary… a girl/boy… weird and subversive with a yo yo between his/her gangly legs…eww

And I’m still leraning V4 at the same time. MAny good figthers I have to catch up on…

Virtua Fighter 4, Tekken Tag, Marvel vs Capcom 2 and now this! How can I dismiss console for over a year (except the DC)!


I have just started playing this game, and I have gotten to the final fight in the arcade mode against I-No with Sol. But after having played 12 matches I cannot seem to counter here special ability, which I simply refer to as her “outrageous bullshit” attack. Basically, it is some sort of flying-spheres-that-never-miss attack and it takes off a third of your life if you block it, and three fourths if you don’t. Plus, she’s invulnerable while she powers up on this thing.

What am I missing? I breeze through every character until the last two, and then the final one is so absurdly, stupidly difficult that I’ve thrown down my controller in disgust several times. Is there some sort of secret to beating her?

Thanks for any advice.

It’s just a pattern. Certain patterns you can avoid, like the wave pattern for example. Hide under the wave, and as it fires and the wave moves forward, move with it.

I usually just work Ino into a destroyer, cause battles of attrition with her in Boss Mode is a little difficult.