Guilty Music Pleasure


Well for you, sure.


What famous author wrote lyrics for Hawkwind?



Puhleese Mr. Stormbringer…

Vacationing in Meliboe this year? or HawkMOON?


So did you read the book? I have it around here somewhere.


I read all the Elric, Dorian Hawkmoon, and all the Corum books a billion years ago.

Also played in a LONG Stormbringer (Chaosium) campaign that was pretty awesome.


I meant The Time of the Hawklords. Hilarious read. Recommended.


I had a wizard who was a Human companion to the Melibonian lead who was based on Miguelitio Loveless from Wild Wild West (in look and personality). One of my fave characters in an RPG ever.

EDIT: actually he was Melibonean but kind of an outcast because of his deformity now that I am recalling it all. I kind of did a Game of Thrones thing before Game of Thrones, in an RPG. :)

So yeah, I like me some Michael Moorcock.


More Moorcock in Rock:


Check me @triggercut. Is Phil guilty? Early “bad ass drums” solo Phil?



“Meli” “bonean” would mean he has a black bone

Which I’m not ruling out but Elric was albino, knowwhamsayin


Picky. :(


For some reason, my kids love it. I blame Song of the Sea.


A bit NSFW near the end.


I’m just old enough to not really take Justin Timberlake very seriously, so the 20/20 album–for me–was a surprise and remains a guilty pleasure.

And this, in spite of its bubblegum-pop pretensions (hey, at least they’re Canadian erstwhile indie-pop darlings) is the first song I play whenever I lace up my jogging shoes:


I saw this performance when it first aired on The Midnight Special in 1973 and I do feel sorta guilty for still remembering it, but, after all these years, the pleasure part remains a bit uncertain:


I saw up thread people were talking about The Monkees and it made me remember that growing up I used to repeatedly watch Michael Nesmith’s Elephant Parts, a very strange but super creative video album from the early 1980s, featuring a blend of comedy skits and really snappy pop songs. I still love it so much!

Also, a quirky Kiwi novelty hit that still appeals 20 years later.



Guilty Beatles, Trig?:)



Too mainstream for him, you know that.

I’m trying to think of something I’d consider a guilty pleasure, but the reality is I simply don’t care. Probably the closest would be Stone Temple Pilots because I know many people give them flack for basically being ‘not Pearl Jam’, but I never cared about that.

However there is one song that certainly qualifies for me. By former Dream Theater keyboardist (and guy who is a bit too high on himself) who had quite the career after. Did a bunch of solo albums too, many featuring guest musicians and singers. This otherwise serious album has a son with Zakk Wylde for example.

But the last track is… well it’s the kind of thing that would have been an easier egg or joke. Yet it makes me laugh. It also stars Billy Idol