Guilty Music Pleasure


Bat Out of Hell was my favorite album of 1977.


I’ll take the place of @Navaronegun gun here and say, Bat Out of Hell, not a guilty pleasure. Maybe this though.


Well, I’ve already given my only song that I feel half-way guilty about, but some might feel guilty about enjoying the awesomeness of Sparks from 1979:

Some might feel guilty about this live performance from The White Room in 1995, but for a different reason:


I am convinced at this point that if the Artist has a non-East/West Coast regional accent, @Jason_Levine classifies them as “Guilty”.


An interesting theory considering I’m from Cleveland and live in Wisconsin.


IDK, man. Every time they have a twang in their accent, they become “Guilty”. I think you might be prejudiced against the Souf. Too many years taking too many cases down there might have jaundiced you…


Hmmm, maybe it has something to do with Daisy Dukes.


The only people who would feel guilty about the awesomeness of Sparks are people who’s musical opinions aren’t listening to.


To counter the wild, misplaced and unfounded assertions made about me and my associations with “twang,” I offer this in rebuttal. It’s a pure pleasure that is entirely free of guilt:



No way do I feel guilty about loving this, although I can understand why some don’t. Nonetheless, 'tis the season.


I had this album as a kid.


Actually, this is really awesome.


In that vein.


The Muppets can do no wrong! No guilt.


I love this song:


And this one too:


For @John_Many_Jars. I was there for this one.


Looking over this thread and all the great music therein (Monkees, Crystal Gayle, Hawkwind, fucking SPARKS?!) I double down on my dislike of the premise of “guilty pleasures”. If you like something, there must be something you respond to in it. Examine that.

Even Phil Collins music has good parts, for god’s sake.



This thread has gone, as many do, from the premise of the title to ‘hey look what I like’. Not that it’s a bad thing.