Guilty Music Pleasure


Aw, you missed 3/11 by one day!


Oh damn, busted.

I totally had at least one 311 album in high school.


I could spend a few hours just listening to Movie/TV orchestra themes I think.

Damn, I should make a play list.


The latest Beck album for me I guess since it’s mostly “pop”. I’m not a big Beck fan, but I like “Dear Life” and “Wow” a lot.


So Beck’s dropped from cutting edge artist to guilty pleasure now? How sad.


Don’t worry. Brian Eno is still alive. And so is David Byrne.


And they’ll probably both be turning up in this thread pretty soon, I imagine.


Blame not the artists… blame the entire misguided concept of Guilty Pleasure. You’d almost think the feeling of guilt was a personal emotion and a completely arbitrary way of labeling music or any other art form.


Well, consider the source a little. ;)


It’s not one of Beck’s better reviewed albums. (Though his older stuff depresses me. A lot of '90s stuff depresses me. The whole “grunge” genre is depressing as fuck.)


Not a fan of Nirvana I guess?



No. Regardless, the album I linked to is mostly just “pop”, not that far removed from something by Taylor Swift (or whoever ghost writes this stuff), hence the real “guilty pleasure”.



I can’t say I like any of his music, but to me this guy is the #1 most fascinating person in the music industry at this moment:

He’s been nearly as successful as the Beatles (including George Martin), yet hardly anyone has heard of him. Not sure whether to feel dirty or impressed.


That’s awesome! Is the collaboration a one-off or is there an album?


There are at least two albums.


Does he cover any ABBA songs?


I’m assuming this cover was a hit down here back in the day because I hear it on the radio frequently and it’s really grown on me.


I love this song and live it every day except the not having a girlfriend part