Guilty Music Pleasure


I’ve got a list a mile long but the most shameful is that I am a sucker for pretty much anything Dr Luke writes.

Actually, check that, I’ve got one that’s more embarassing. I’ve got an eight year old step daughter and, I have to say, about a quarter of the songs on the Camp Rock soundtracks are pretty damn good.


Michael Jackson, everything up to and including Thriller.


This, as well as the Beatles & Mozart.


In what world are Boston, The Beatles, & Mozart reduced to guilty pleasures?


I believe Ragnar was being sarcastic. Since, for what it is (mainstream/crossover R&B influenced pop) Michael Jackson’s work up through Thriller is fairly unassailable stuff.


Oh come on, the man was the King Of Pop, no shame in liking his stuff! Off The Wall is a classic.

I don’t have any guilty pleasures, you all should be ashamed for being ashamed! :)


A lot of the stuff posted aren’t really guilty pleasures. Maybe Abba. To me a guilty pleasure is a song that you won’t admit to anyone else you like and are critically panned. I’ll tell you two songs that I enjoy that really are guilty pleasures, and I’m embarrassed that I’m gonna say it right here,

Rasputin by Boney M and Paul Anka’s cover of Smells Like Teen Spirit, I don’t know whether to be apalled or amused because it just seems absurd. Since I’m putting it on my list I’ll say amused.

In the guilty pleasure musicals list, I’ll put down the movie version of Mama Mia. Terrible story, actors that can’t sing and really, really corny yet I enjoy it just the same.


Do I have to listen to them on my own or just enjoy them when my kids listen?

There are several Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana songs that a pop-filled yumminess. And I really do not like pop music that much. Part of the allure is that I can enjoy it with my kids. The Climb, though, is a good song. Yeah, I said it.


MOVITS, especially Fel Del Av Garden and Appelknyckarjazz.

Do they sound ridiculous? Yes. Do they make me grin like a loon? Oh hells yes.


There has always been one band I could never come out to all my heavy metal buddies about: Foreigner. I love Foreigner. There, I said it.

When I’m driving home from work, “Head Games” will get cranked, and the inside of my windshield will be treated to four minutes of sonic torture as I scream and brokenly yodel my way through yet another hideous singalong.


“You Lost It” by the Thrown-Ups

You have to listen all the way through to get the very special feeling.


Foreigner’s allowable, to a certain extent. But once you get to “I Want to Know What Love Is,” you’re treading on thin ice.


But what about the A-Teens? Such a guilty pleasure…


Are those those kids a few years who covered Abba songs?


Oasis. Every time I listen to them I want to rage about how they are terrible, but am helplessly impotent as my I get stuck in their mellow groove.

Though I’d still probably punch either Gallagher brother in the face if given an opportunity.


Leva’s Polka


I’m sure I have a million of these, since my current tastes seem to be interested only in music I enjoy guiltily. To that end… how about My Moment by Rebecca Black? I’m not sure I actually feel guilty for liking that song so much, but at the very least it makes me question my sanity. Hopefully that’ll be good enough for this thread. :p


Yes, originally called themselves the Abbateens, but the lawyers quickly fixed that. Only their first album is ABBA covers to modern electronic dance beats. Works pretty well, in that guilty pleasure way.


…I want you to shoooooow meeeeeee.


When I was in my 20s there was a lot of stuff I’d be embarrassed to admit I liked. Now that I’m about to turn 40, I just don’t give a crap. I don’t like Foreigner but damn, that’s a catchy song (and a good vocal performance).

I like Mastodon. And Sade.
Metallica… and Belle & Sebastian.
Fugazi… and 10,000 Maniacs.
Soundgarden… and The Bangles.
Tool… and Morrissey.
Ludwig Fucking Van… and The Heaven 17.

And I’ve hummed along to Top 40 songs by Peter Cetera, Phil Collins, Whitney Houston, Rick Springfield, Rick James, etc.

But fuck Celine Dion.


But fuck Celine Dion.

But after a bottle of bourbon I like that godawful titanic mewling.

I’ll take Boston back only because I only know that Guitar hero song on the condition that ABBA is not allowed to be mentioned in this thread again as a guilty pleasure, they’re fucking awesome. Always have been, always will be.