Guilty Music Pleasure


Finally, without further ado, I present the long-awaited, desperately-anticipated, much-ballyhooed concert video!

The singer notices my daughter’s matching mini-dress around the 24 second mark. She was so thrilled!



I can’t really explain it, but I like me some Oasis. Liam is a whiny shitbag, and Noel is an asshole (but a very amusing and entertaining one), but regardless of any merit I just groove to the stuff he writes.

I’d never claim it’s amazing, but it hits me in a weird happy place and I’m willing to fess up to it.


No reason in the world to think Oasis needs to be a “guilty pleasure.” At their best, they’re the defining sound of a generation, and one of the great rock and roll bands of all time.

Play 'em loud!


Oasis Rocks!

Seriously, though:


God I love the Gallagher brothers.


Are they still hating each other?


They do and they don’t. Looked like they might do a reunion last year, and then Noel sensed Liam really wanting it and decided to take the piss…as Noel does. And so now who knows.


It’s like he is 14 years old…


My love for Noel is pretty much unconditional even so.


Yeah, I hear you. I was too “growed up” (I guess) to Unconditional Love Oasis in the 90s (I was in my mid-20s). Now I had Unconditional Love for these two:

The I’m Bored video is really tasty, and the mix is tight.

I’m the Chairman of the Bored!



The only music I enjoy that I feel the least bit guilty about is this piece:


To balance yourself out after listening to Yanni.

Can’t understand them but who cares. You can’t stop watching.


And other 80’s and 90’s cartoon theme songs.


A 90s Offspring tune that is goofy and guilty.



My personal favorite guilty pleasure from a fictional band:


In a similar vein, I found a copy of the Transformers the Movie soundtrack in the Virgin Megastore in the early 90s. I spent a lot of the decade listening to it rather than blur/oasis with my contemporaries.

Guilty pleasure then, now I wear it like a badge of honour!

P. S. I suppose if I’m doing this I should confess to this too


Dweezil and Ahmet Zappa.