Guilty Music Pleasure


Man, I went hard for britpop back in the mid -90s, for Blur and Oasis and even, I shit you not, The Spice Girls. I can’t remember exactly why I liked them so much but I still find several of their songs catchy.

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Yeah all right, that one’s not very good.


That’s the group where they all had silly names? And the black girl was called Scary?


Yea, they were all very cute and made very catchy tunes.


Ginger, Scary, Sporty, Baby and Posh Spice.


Guilty pleasure music for sure, but man, for guilty pleasure music you could do so much worse.



Might as well throw in Big Daddy.

I don’t know if I should feel guilty about liking La Familia de Ukuleles or not.



“Guilty” music pleasures that are each a hill I will fuckin’ die on and fight anyone disputing the awesomeness of:


Of '80’s vintage…


70s. I 'm pretty sure that n Canada they have to stand at attention whenever this is played? Right, @marquac? Beauty, eh? Stand up straight now, and put your hand over your toque.


I am ashamed to admit I bought this on cassette. This makes the Digital Underground look like The Beatles:



Guilty AND problematic!


Not as problematic as this…



I think I have you both beat. (Most definitely NSFW)


My first wife liked Starz. I heard a lot of it. Unfortunately I get a Video unavailable from that.


I don’t know whether or not it should cause guilt, but sometimes Karen Carpenter’s voice helps me get through this crazy thing called life.