Guilty pleasures in gaming: RON example

Gunning down fruity-looking medieval age scholars with machine guns (as the Chinese no less, in a virtual re-enactment of Tianamen Square) makes me giggle like a little girl. I’m a bad person.

You suffer from a lack of imagination, Mr. McCullough. Try ejecting the eggheaded academes from the comfy benches of their open-air academies, drag selecting them, and tapping the ‘Q’ key.

Depending on the level of your militia research, you’ll arm the effete ivory-tower-dwelling pinheads with pitchforks or muskets. Then send them charging into battle. Pit them against charging cavalry, tanks, machine gun emplacements, or those really cool Chinese dudes who shoot fireworks. Ha! So much for academic exemption from the draft, Professors!

Of course, nothing compares to the delight of nuking the Eiffel Tower.


LOL! You’re a bad man Tom. :wink:

Hah! I’m the same way. I remember the first time we got modern infantry in the game, we threw in a few civilians for them to shoot at–after mowing down each one they would light a up cigarette, smoke it, then throw the butt on the ground. I could just picture them: “Ah, nothing like a hard-earned smoke after a day on the job…”

Actually militia/minutemen make for pretty decent firepower, especially for the Chinese. In fact they are close in effectiveness to regular troops in certain situations. Its worth pointing out that minutemen get a nice bonus vs. cavalry, especially ranged cavalry. Make like 5-10 if you have good food and ship them with the troops, then use them as villagers to repair your captured cities.

Oh, in the spirit of this thread… er… 7 commandos + 1 human unit = captured enemy capital. Ive actually done this and won a game using this tactic :). Not as good as shipping codgy tenured anthropology profs to the front, sorry, best i can do.

Except for researching World Government and then reducing one of your cities which has the Eiffel Tower in it with an entire fleet of aircraft carriers, then taking it over with my entire army to get an instant wonder victory. :twisted:

this game is pure bliss… I just wish it didnt crash so damn much when I play it! :(

The nuke explosion is like, the coolest thing ever, as is the hilarious campaign ending you get for running down the armageddon timer.