Guilty Pleasures

I just finished warching Eurotrip for about the 10th time and I must say I always enjoy it when I’m in the mood for dumb fun.

It is without a doubt the most entertaining teen comedy I’ve seen. I think it is because all the characters are likeable, the jokes are easy and it somehow flirts with risque without resorting to over-the-top scatalogical humour and vulgarity. It just isn’t cringeworthy and somehow manages to be good natured throughout.

There is something about the formula and easy to digest 15 minute vignettes that just works.

Scotty Doesn’t Know is also riduculously catchy.

Does anyone else have a guilty pleasure that serves the equivalent of comfort food?

Oh yeah:

How to Train your Dragon
Shoot 'Em Up
Any of the Bourne movies
Black Dynamite

Likely more that I can’t think of at the moment.


Brian, those are all quality movies. A guilty pleasure is a terrible movie that you like.

It doesn’t even have to be terrible. It just has to be something in a genre that you feel shouldn’t appeal to you or that you feel a bit embarrassed admitting to enjoying.

I do agree that the list there contains far too many films that are too good for this thread.



Dark Star. Particularly the beachball alien.

Hot Shots! Part Deux

Oh, sorry, I totally did this wrong then. Would Amelie count since I’m not into foreign films at all?

No, as that’s universally acclaimed. It’s even made a few best of lists.

To bring it into space terms Brian, The Last Starfighter. Terrible, but awesome.

If Happy Gilmore is on TV, I will probably watch it.


Now that you’ve got my brain on this tack, however…

The Pirate Movie
Ice Pirates
Amazon Women on the Moon

Since Madkevin went the one way (and I agree with him that those were some quality movies that you don’t have to feel too terribly guilty over), let me agree with the one he excised as presumably “guilty”. An excuse for an over-the-top running gun battle, but I liked Clive Owen as the world’s angriest man, Paul Giamatti as the snake with all the lines, and those other two big attractions (Monica Bellucci, east and west).

Two Weeks Notice, mostly for the split infinitive line near the end, and Hugh Grant.

Don’t judge me!

Soldier, its so good , yet everyone tells me its bad.

Last Action Hero.

Cutthroat Island

I love cheesy futuristic stuff so:

Demolition Man
The Running Man
Judge Dredd
The Sixth Day