Guitar Hero 2 (unofficially?) announced

BTW, Harmonix, the Guitar Hero devs, have set up their forums at, where you can make song requests for GH2 and, um, check out the employees’ tattoos.

I’m very happy that I’ll have some future use for my plastic guitar but I’m a little worried about the rate they plan on producing them. There’s probably a market for Country Hero and such but I just hope the love and care that the original got makes its way into the sequels.

Love, care, and AC/DC.

Amen to that.

Well in the postmortem for Guitar Hero in Game Developer they said they only had 9 months to crank out the first game. They said they had a lot of usable code from their other music games, and a wealth of knowledge about the pitfalls to avoid so they could get it going very quickly. So I wouldn’t worry about them wanting to do the next one so soon; I imagine they are excited about the songs they can license this time around now that GH is such a success. They also said that they want to include a training mode like in the DDR games, where you could break songs down and woodshed the tough parts.