Guitar Hero 5 General Angst Thread

I feel the same way. I’ve only played through GH3 and GHWT once. I tried to play some of GHWT again this weekend, and it wasn’t pretty. Something about the presentation just doesn’t sit right with me.

I have been reading here for quite some time that the timing window is so loose in GH compared to Rock Band but time and again I’ve experienced the opposite. I thought it was something else that I’m just not used to the game, or the highway or something but after trying GH5 which is the 1st time in months that I’ve played a GH game, I’m convinced the timing is stricter in GH. Maybe because I play on Hard.

My sister-in-law and I had the same discussion recently and I think we have it figured out. I tend to play the notes after they’ve already passed the bottom line on harder difficulties, because I’m frantically trying to catch up to the chart. In GH’s relaxed timing window, I can do so because it lets me do that, to a ridiculous degree (which I appreciate btw).

OTOH, my sister-in-law finds the timing in GH games harsher than Rock Band because she tends to press the button ahead of time, and apparently the GH relaxed timing window doesn’t swing in that direction, and she finds it harsher because she’s constantly getting missed notes because she strummed too soon.

Aha, yes, I’m an early strummer too. And since I haven’t been playing either game much lately, I went back to Medium and that will exaggerate it even more. Thanks Rock8man.So about GH5: I’m not sure if I’m looking at it right, but it says you only need 1 star to get to the next venue but it won’t let me play it. I wonder what is wrong.In the 1st venue, you need 10 stars to open up 2 more songs within this 1st venue. I picked Sympathy for the Devil where for the most part you’re playing a piano. And on medium it’s really simple. Oh well, love the song, maybe I’ll do it on bass to see if it’s more interesting.Using your avatar as your player is a nice option but meh. Rather just create a rocker within so you don’t have to spend MS points to accessorize.

Without Ozzy, Hendrix, Tool, Pull Me Under, Trapped Under Ice, Hot For the Teacher, Anouk, The Doors, Korn, Micheal Jackson, Hotel California, Hey Man Nice Shot, etc the whole idea of importing GH:WT songs into GH5 seems pointless to me.

Many of the songs listed as importable are songs that are also in Rock Band. Which are exactly the songs I would not want to import.

Has anyone said if there are limited songs available from GH:GH as well?

I still can’t figure out why people would rather fork over another $60 every other month when a new Guitar Hero game is released, as opposed to just buying Rock Band 2 and having every freaking song you could ever want available for individual download.

Well, if you really could have every song you wanted available for download, then I would agree with you. But that’s not really the case, is it? GH5 has songs that aren’t available in any other music game right now. Moreover, and this is nothing to sneeze at, GH5 gives you 85 songs for $60. That’s about 70 cents per song. DLC is $2.00 per song usually, or around $1.50 per song if one buys a band specific three pack. I’m not in love with buying a new disc every 4 to 6 months, but I don’t think the choice between GH and RB is as simple as you’ve presented.

If you don’t have particularly discriminating taste:

Guitar Hero 5 = 85 Songs / $60 = $1.41 2/3 per song
Rock Band DLC = $2 Individually, 3-for-$5.49 = $1.83-$2.00 per song

I ended up getting Guitar Hero 5 for the free Van Halen disc; I deeply suspect that I will find the visual style and the round notes and the subtle variations difficult to swallow, but I’m willing to give them one more chance to hang themselves before I write them off forever.

Rock Band has over 800 songs available, plus they’re releasing tools to allow any artist/musician/whoever to put any music they want up there, effectively meaning the collection will be infinite.

I just can’t bring myself to let Activision have their way with me every other month. And it’s BEYOND OBNOXIOUS to have to switch discs around for different songs, having different game mechanics for one song or another, etc. I want all my music in one game, same mechanics, same rules, same disc.

At least the Rock Band guys seem to be doing right by their fans, and making decisions that make sense. Activision is blatantly churning out as many GH titles as they can so you have to keep buying them at $60 a pop. They could at least TRY to not be so gratuitous about it.

Ehh…it’s basically the two different approaches you could take if you wanted. I actually kind of like being forced to play some songs I wouldn’t otherwise have thought of sometimes (not when we’re talking about Visions, obviously, but I would never have understood that there was such a thing as a Lush if I hadn’t been forced to play the song eighty billion times, nor would I have been motivated to go out and buy That Handsome Devil’s first album to get Rob the Prez-O-Dent). I don’t like paying sixty bucks for it, so I tend to, you know, not buy these games. I only just ordered Metallica because I was unwilling to pay more than forty dollars for that experience. That’s fine - you set your price point where you set it. I just happen not to like the presentation style of these games as much as Rock Band, and suspect that this will be the test that determines whether I just ignore all announcements in this vein in the future.

Now, what will be interesting is 1) if DJ Hero is any fun; and 2) assuming 1, how it is integrated into the Hero brand. This is the first new instrument we’ve gotten since the whole “band” thing happened. I’ve got my copy on preorder since the Edge preview made it sound so damn interesting, and I’ll have to give Activision credit for expanding the genre a little if whoever this studio is that I can’t remember their name off the top of my head makes an entertaining experience.

It’s not 85 songs divided by $60, it’s $60 divided by 85 songs that’s going to get you your per song cost, which comes out to around 70 cents, as I said. The per song value proposition is stongly in favor of GH5. Taste is completely subjective, so I can’t really speak to the true value in that regard, but per song GH5 is much better than DLC.

You are correct. I am stupid. I am going to blame it on my wildly fluctuating blood sugar after lunch. Yeah. That’s the ticket.

I guess. But GH5 has songs not available in Rock Band right now. It’s as simple as that. Of course you can wait to see if they maybe come to the “infinite” collection that you envision for RB, but there’s no guarantee of that and it’s not a binary choice between “Totally Awesome Limitless Song List” on one hand and “Activision Disc Based Devilry” on the other.

I don’t disagree with any of this. I have both RB and GH and if I had my way then yeah, I would never have to buy another disc and every song I’d ever purchased, whether disc based or DLC would work all together. But I want to play the songs offered in GH5 and I’m willing to buy it and play it.

By the way, lots of people (Scorehero, GAF) are reporting that the Free Van Halen website is borked right now. Many are saying that their brand new GH5 game code on the manual has been used. Hehe.

And: the Gamestop free DLC site/code is having problems too.

The VH submission worked fine for me. Printed and in the mail.

The new GH5 guitar is nicer than expected.

  • The strum, star power bridge, AND navigation knob are all rubberized now. Not a big deal but does feel more polished.

  • The strum is clearly different internally and mechanically – it has more of a hard stop now like the Les Paul. Still more strum “range” than the LP but the feel of hitting the top and bottom parts of the strum range should feel very familiar now. It’s, for lack of a better word, a bit tighter.

  • The chrome pegs are a nice touch and much better than my silver sharpie could do.

  • The touch slider has colored dots on the top of the neck so you can look “down” and see where your fingers are. It’s also digital now, but I haven’t had a chance to play with the slider yet.

As for the game, it’s already clear this is the game GH:WT should have been. Man, what a steaming pile of shit GH:WT was in retrospect. I was browsing around ScoreHero and the general concensus is now that GH:WT was the low point of the entire Guitar Hero series. I totally agree, not just because the game was uncooked in so many ways, and because it was a band game where playing as a band was made excruciatingly painful, but most of all because the soundtrack was just so subpar.

OH FUCK YES I WENT THERE AGAIN, because it’s true. Played through the whole GH:WT game last week on the PC version and the GH:WT tracklist is still, in my not so humble opinion, the worst of any GH game ever. It’s not even close, frankly.

Anyway, all water under the bridge now, GH5 is quite nice and totally competent. Finally.

PC Version of GH:WT? It’s not released yet !?

As one of the few, poor, unfortunate souls who does not HAVE a console, my only plastic-axe consolation has been with that steaming pile of poop called GHIII.

Even IF GHWT is just another pile of merde, it’s a DIFFERENT pile of merde.
Cough it up wumpus…howdya get a PC version of GH:WT?


I guess you’re right. It’s out in Europe. There are ways of getting it.

The good news is, this is BY FAR the best PC version. For comparison, GH3 PC is almost unplayable, and GH:A PC is literally unplayable. This is on a high end gaming PC!

GH:WT PC is totally completely playable… finally, a perfect PC-based Guitar Hero experience… with a good fake plastic axe it’s indistinguishable from the Xbox 360 version in every way. (And loads about 5x faster… great for quick jamz)

“Sympathy for the Devil” is classic rock to the bone, but it leaves a lot to be desired as a fake plastic guitar song. I’m pretty darn sure I was playing the piano “track” more than half the time.

Watching videos of this makes me really want it… for the Avatar functionality. I can’t believe that stupid stuff works on me! But I really want to get on stage in a clone trooper helmet (assuming it doesn’t remove items like that the way Netflix parties do).

So I finally booted up GH5 and went to import the songs from my GH:WT disc and what did I find? The area where the unique id is supposed to be printed on the back of the GH:WT manual is blank. Awesome. I submitted a question to Activision customer support about getting the id I should’ve gotten when I bought the game (full band kit on launch day) but I have to admit, I don’t expect any help from them. Sweet.