Guitar Hero - Hallelujah the European edition is out

I would write more but a have need to beat that *£%king Queens of the Stone Age song.


I don’t understand. What does this have to do with Oblivion?

Or microsoft buying Lionhead.

Or Warcraft?

Does the Euro version include different songs? I’d have to think it does.

Nope, same glorious tracklist as the US edition. God i love this game. Most fun i think a have had in my 25 years of gaming.

Played through the medium campaign in one sitting to unlock the songs, but Hard is just brutal!

Wait til you get to expert, my hand was sore for a few hours after beating Cochise .

I’m painfully in love with Guitar Hero. I somehow talked the Escapist in paying me to write 2000 words about why Boston are one of the top 10 level designers of all time, even though they had no idea they were designing a level - and, in fact - had no idea what a level was.



My fingers hurt.

How much did this originally cost in the US? It seems to be about $120 here, which feels pretty steep despite all the praise the game has gotten.

It’s selling for $70 or so over here…

For the first few weeks, guitar hero was pretty hard to find, now the stores over here seem pretty stocked with them.

The prize in Norway is 899 NOk which equals to about $140. Worth every penny.

European prices are always about 1:1 with dollars. They assume 1 euro equals one dollar. I picked it up today for €75. And yeah, my fingers hurt too.

So what’s up with Cochise? I’ve seen it lamented elsewhere. I have no grounds to brag about my Guitar Hero skills in general, I’m just 3-starring it through hard right now and some songs are still destroying me, but I fired up quickplay and got through Cochise on my first try in hard, and followed it up with an attempt on expert which I also cleared in one try. What is it specifically that people don’t like about the song? The only other expert song I’ve even attempted is Infected, which I also got in one try, but that’s obviously one of the easier songs. Cochise only has a couple notes that you need to hammer-on to pull off fast enough. Seems like the songs with long strings of those or hard to practice sections with them in solos late in the songs would be the ones giving people trouble. So what is it about Cochise?

I really wish that this game had a feature where you could simply fast forward through songs and practice certain parts over and over again… you know, like real guitar heroes do, to get so good. I’m only on Easy and I’ve beaten all the songs on the first try, but the Queens of the Stone Age song in particularly I’m tormented trying to get four stars or better in, because I can tell this is the sort of fingering I’m going to have to master in medium. I know I have to do finger ons or finger offs, but I wish I could just practice the right parts until I can figure out how to fit it all together.

I was pleased to discover my friend Melanie’s band Burning Brides is on the soundtrack, which I totally didn’t know. As one of the main songs to boot!

Yeah, I could use some practice too. I was stuck on Iron Man on hard for the longest time. I could play the first 60% almost flawlessly with my eyes closed, and then bam, two seconds into the solo and I’m done. Barely even enough time to register what I was getting right and what I was getting wrong, and it’s back to square one.

They had a practice mode in the original design, but had to pull it to make their deadline.

If there’s one thing I wish Guitar Hero had, it would be a ‘practice’ mode where, while playing a song, you could go into the menu, select practice, select the region within the song you’d like to practice, and it would essentially keep repeating that selection until you told it to stop. How about it, Harmonix? Add that to GH2!

*edit: blah, i’d typed this up, and then went to do something else… and lo, seems everyone else had the same idea.

*edit2: “VGSPlayer is a Windows song player application for the PS2 game Guitar Hero™. It allows you to insert your game disc into your PC DVDROM drive and play back the songs while watching a scrolling view of the notes along with an animated fret board playing in sync with the music. NOTE: This is not a playable game and it does not support controller input at this time.”

I think the hammer on’s killed me in Cochise, and I have trouble getting my hand to move fast enough during some of the rifts. I also had trouble with No one Knows on expert, when it goes into the fast 1-2 note section.