Guitar Hero II: ``Paging Dr. Freud...``

So I’ve been practicing a couple of the first tier songs at the hard setting to bring the orange button into my repertoire of finger moves. A bit of Shout at the Devil, but mostly just Woman, which has a great little hammer-on trill. ‘Okay,’ I think, ‘I’m ready to go into career mode to start getting paid for my hard work.’

So I got into career mode, select ‘Woman’, and get ready. Only…wait a minute…this doesn’t sound like the song I’ve been playing at slow speed in practice mode. And, hey!, the notes that start scrolling down aren’t like anything I’ve practiced.

Whoa, this isn’t ‘Woman’. I picked the wrong song! I’m playing ‘Mother’.

The good news is that I got through it on the first try, having never practiced. The bad news is that I think this means I need years of therapy.

just let em out to see the light

Haha, I’ve picked Mother twice when trying to select Woman as well. Creepy.

Coupled with your “having sex with your buddies” post, this is most disturbing.

Whoa. I’ve picked Woman trying to play Mother.

Well, it could be worse. You could have picked Beast and the Harlot.


Tattooed lover boys and /or wayward sons.

Come on Angie, sometimes a guitar is just a guitar.

Except for Tom.

The boy needs help.

should have said that chick needs help.

Wait, Tom Chick’s a guy?!