Guitar Hero II website launches


You can only play tiny excerpts of the songs from the tracklist, which sucks. Enough to get a sense of whether or not the remakes will be cringe-inducing. So far so good. I’d expect the covers to be good because the GH1 covers were generally solid. Although I do agree with Tom’s criticism of Heart Shaped Box.

Trivia: on the GH1 website, you can hear the original version of Spanish Castle Magic with the lyrics. The lyrics got cut because the Hendrix estate doesn’t like people trying to sound like Jimi.

Um, the “Message in a Bottle” one sounds like Sting singing.

Also, a list of all the bonus tracks (screenshots, actually). I guess someone at Wal-Mart has the full game already.

Also, for some reason, the Trogdor song is in the game… (?)

Roger: no, the only original master recording is John the Fisherman by Primus. (correction: and Stop by Jane’s Addiction)

The guy who does Ozzy on GH1 is pretty amazing, too, but he ain’t Ozzy.

Whoever is channeling Sting did a !@#$ing awesome job, then. He sounds constipated in all the right places.

I’ve been locked inside your heaRRRRRRt-shaped box for weeks
I wish I could eat your canceRRRRRR when you turn black


dethklok! trogdor! buckethead!

that’s amazing

Any word on when the 360 version will be available?

If you have a 360 wait. Wireless guitar and downloadable songs FTW.

Ugh, Wayward Son sounds rough.

Didn’t they confirm the guitar would be wired? Or maybe that was some confusion because the guitars on the demo units were wired, but I think they said “we don’t know” on the final version.

I’m skeptical - this would be the first third-party wireless controller of any type for the 360. Microsoft is being a jerkface and won’t release the wireless spec to third parties and license them to make wireless controllers. :(

Still, I’m waiting for the 360 version. The devs claim the guitar will also be “more robust” which I hope means a bit more solid, and I really hope they can tone down the loud “clicky clicky” sound of the strum bar.

How great would it be if the two-player stuff could be done over Xbox Live? Jesus.

God help me, I’m probably buying both.

I really hope they can tone down the loud “clicky clicky” sound of the strum bar

Or you could do the velcro mod, which I’ve seen posted on the GH forums before… this reduces the strum click.

It is funny that all the screenshots on the GH2 website are clearly of the 360 version of the game. Because GH2 is all about the graphics, yo!

The game launched too, although apparently accidently. Wasn’t available at the Wal-Mart here :(

Wasn’t there supposed to be a Tenacious D song? Or am was I smoking crack?

Also: no love for Lordi? -sniff-

I think he’s just channelling alternate-reality Scottish Kurt Cobain.

And Roger, I’m a fan of The Police like no other, and that guy’s singing voice only has a cursory resemblance to Sting’s. He’s not bad, but he’s no Sting. I will give him credit for using the “Anuzzah lonely day” pronounciation rather than the more formal (and incorrect) “Another lonely day”.