Guitar Hero Sequel official

How sweet does that new co-op mode sound? One person plays lead guitar, one plays bass. Plus 55 tracks

Oh shit. I told myself I’d buy a PS2 if they made Bass Hero. I’m screwed.

This is one of the games that makes me sad I don’t own a PS2. I was holidng out hope for some Xbox love in a sequel but it doesn’t seem to be.

Come oooon Sweet Child o’ Mine. I’m sure Axl can use the money…

Oh baby! Someday I’ll learn how to use my pinky… !

A Playstation 2 console is cheaper than a Nintendo DS Lite.


Yes, I want to post less than 5 characters.

If you could play Guitar Hero (w/guitar) on a DS Lite, I’d buy one anyway.

  • Alan

Well, the “love gun” /is/ an advanced technique…

Murmers are that we’ll see KR and GH on the 360 someday, but it’ll be a while.

Nice interview here :

How, exactly? No US pricing for the DS Lite has been announced, but it’s expected to come in at the same price as the current system: $129. Even if it held the system’s original price of $149, that’s still the price of a PS2.

I always thought it was a pity they chose to provide a guitar-shaped peripheral instead of just integrating a cheap guitar and teaching how to play real music.

Because I imported mine. :-)

Then they would’ve had to change the name of the game to You Will Never Be a Guitar Hero.

Ah, crap. I bought a PS2 and GT3, played that game til I got bored, and gave the PS2 away. Now I may have to buy another one. Even though I suspect I may the world’s worst Guitar Hero player, it’s still too much fun.

Augh, that’s killing me. I’m borrowing Guitar Hero from a friend right now and I love it, I’d buy it for myself in an instant if not for the 360 rumors. I’d be so much nicer on the 360 since I wouldn’t have to hook it up to the crappy TV to avoid lag like I do with the PS2.