Gun skins are old and busted. Gloves are the new hotness.

You know you’ll be seeing this in other games soon.

Don’t Ubigames have iconic gloves already?

I’m not gonna lie, those are cool designs.

But yeah, so glad I’m not in a place in my life in which spending United States dollars on cosmetic gloves in a 10-year-old game sounds like a reasonable idea.

I… just… what???

What’s next? Arm tattoo/sleeve patterns?


I NEED all these gloves. I NEED them.

We laugh, but it is so ridiculous with the skins, knives, stickers and now gloves that I’ve actually considered buying and playing CS:GO just to make money off the secondary market. There is crazy money to be made there. I do not have the free time needed to do so however, which is probably for the best…

I thought it was hats. It’s not hats? What do I do with all of these hats?

Here is what a pair of cool new glove skins look like in-game: