Gunbound - shooting cute stuff in the face


This is a Korean worms knock off that is a ton of fun. In game weather effects like wind and lightning storms ensure a different battlefield every round, and there are a handful of vehicles to choose from to help alleviate any additional repetition.

I think I’m partly drawn in by the bright cutesy crap, or maybe it’s the fact that I get to shoot bright cutesy crap in the face. I’m not sure, but I’m having fun.

I’ve only played a few games, but I’m having a blast so far. Thanks for the suggestion!

Are there instructions anywhere, BTW? I’m wondering what the option “Slice/Sniper/Whatever” does.

The instructions for this game are on the website and they’re terrible … It’s really vague so far.

As far as I can tell here’s how it works:

You pick a vehicle when you enter a room and that vehicle has 3 unique and different attacks named 1, 2, and 55. 1 is the fastest weakest attack. 2 is a slower but more powerful attack. 55 is your super special, which you generally have one shot at using the entire game.

Slice is the default firing method (holding down the spacebar till it reaches the power mark you want).

Dragshot is using the mouse to drag for the power (fluctuats around a point and you release when you feel right).

Sniper seems absolutely worthless (it randomly fluctuates from where you let go) so I don’t really get it yet.

account names oinkfs btw (dunno if buddy system works yet).

EDIT: I dont understand the delay system entirely yet or the damage dealing … lemme know if you figure anything out.

I think “55” is really “SS”, for “Special Shot” or something.

I don’t really get the delay either, except that the turn list shows where you’ll be after you take the shot you have selected.

I’m “JMurieta” in-game.

Anyone still playing? Come on, I need some gold to buy cool stuff for my avatar. If you have an account and want a game with someone who’s been playing for about a week, add me to your buddy list (cathcart). We need to get some 4:4 QT3 games going.

I’m playing way more than is probably healthy. Add Kraaze to your buddy list.

I think we should be able to get enough QT3 people to do some 2v2 games. I’d love to play with someone fluent in English for a change ;-)

I’m in. Mike and I played last night and the night before. Good fun!

UserID is Grimrod and yes the buddy system works.


There’s a lot of great information on GunboundHQ. They explain nearly everything in the game that there is to explain.

I loved the game, but just like nearly every multiplayer game, the majority of punkasses playing ruined it.

I play occasionally, my nom de guerre is bufoblaster.

I play this game once in a while, and it’s indeed awesome. :)

I’ve been playing the hell out of this game. Look for Balut.

Only 2000 more bucks til that space marine shirt…look me up as “PewpsMcGee”

It’s been a while since I last played, but if it’s a fun game with QT3’ers then I’ll have to reinstall.

I have a request though, whenever this QT3 thing happens lets all play on the server where equipment is only there for aesthetics.


What? Someone already took the ‘Itsatrap’ ID? :(

  • Alan

Haven’t been playing anything online against strangers in a while. Man the people in GB love telling you how much you suck. I’m fine with that, whatever, I know I suck, but these morons aren’t even thinking. Here’s a game with no offline component, no training mode, and a piss-poor manual that barely explains the game-types to you. I’m a chick (ha ha, it’s the first rank you retards) and we’re playing in the beginner zone and these people are telling me I suck. No shit, morons! Apparently I wasn’t one of the fortunate many who were born with innate Gunbound-playing skills.

Anyway, we’ve had some great games, especially when there are more than four people I know most of them. Maybe I can get fired tomorrow. Cancel everything but the electric bill and cable modem and play Gunbound for six months off of unemployment…

The player population of mostly IQ 35/Age 12 people is the only real fly in the ointment for this game. I make heavy use of the /mute command to cut out the chit chat and focus on the shooting. Playing with fellow QT3’ers was awesome. and I hope we can see some more QT3 games.

I also agree the documentation for the game was very very weak. Here’s a few pointers for the QT3’ers just getting into the game:

1.) If just starting, the best mobile to learn with is Mage. It fires in nice smooth arcs with no scatter at long ranges. Be careful at point blank range as you can splash damage backwards onto yourself with very short shots. As you gain in skill, switch to either J.D. (cakebot), nakmachine, or boomer launcher.

2.) When selecting your power up items before a match, always always always include a teleport. Otherwise you can get killed very quickly if you start on a ledge and someone shoots ground out from under you.

3.) Use tab key to switch between available shot types. Shot 1 is usually a faster and weaker version of your shot 2. SS is very powerful, very slow, and usually has some odd characteristics. Be careful in some bots (raon launcher, J.D., nakmachine, lightning) as the shot 1 behaves very differently from the shot 2.

4.) Use F9 to switch between general chat and team-only chat in games. In games where you are on a team with good people and they are intelligent enough to coordinate, you can do some scary and horrible things to the other team.

5.) Play on the stats-off servers as much as possible. This encourages development of actual skill as opposed to relying on superior items to cover for poor play.

Ugh, I hate JD. Not because it’s cheap or anything, but because everyone and his mother seems to be using JD nowadays. Just really annoying playing entire teams of Cakebots and getting pushed and pulled all over the place.

I actually enjoy this trend. 90% of J.D. players only bother to work on ledge shots and hole shots. They have no idea how to handle someone in melee. Their damage output isn’t all that spectacular so people smart enough to bring a tp will usually nail a cakebot 1v1. My favorite trick is to bring a boomer and use dual on them twice in a row right from the beginning of the match. Cakebots are so low on hp that this is a guaranteed kill assuming true angle. Really makes them whine and complain :twisted:

I’m starting to see why everyone says this is addictive. God, do these people need to shut up ingame though. It’s not even like normal shit talk, it’s just endless bickering in every room.

Anyone still playing this? I’d love to have some Qt3ers as teammates, since those are the only people i’m able to hit due to a complete lack of understanding of the power gauge. I tried adding some of these names to my buddy list, but clicking add just clears the name i’ve typed in.

I’m really into this now too, thanks to Jon. But he ain’t kidding: it’s like a petri dish filled with a quasi-sentient gelatin of distilled Down’s Syndrome. I haven’t gotten any bad sports or anything, just impatience, gloating and a million varieties of braying incoherence. Fucking die already.

The game is great though: really, what fantastic presentation and a lot of strategic nuance. I’d really love to get some QT3ers into this for some decent matches without being exposed to the 200 proof doofusism of the Gunbound community though. Anyone still playing?