Gundam Seed: Does it get better?

I’ve been catching eps of Gundam Seed on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim, and it’s the same old giant robots and the angsty teenage pilots that control them, only with a big helping of annoying. The girl, Flay, in general, annoys me with the strength of ten annoying anime characters.

My question is, is there anything better or redeeming that happens as the series goes on, or are the first few eps indicative of the series as a whole?

Does it get better?

Not really, no.


— Alan

I really thought I liked it, but then I stopped watching it for no reason I can name.

Bandai must hate itself.

Why they didn’t try to sell a different series (Gundam X would have worked much better) to Cartoon Network, I’ll simply never understand.

I predict the Zeta DVDs come out with little to no fanfare and that’s it. They convince themselves that America just doesn’t like the Gundam. No Double Zeta, no Gundam X, and certainly no Turn A.

A big part of seed is that it has a full 50 episode run. That’s a good thing from CNs perspective.

Also Seed did very well in Japan, it’s a modern series that should work well with kids weaned on Yu-Gi-Oh and DBZ, and there are plenty of toys for Bandai to bring over.

Everyone wants their stuff aired on CN. The difference in DVD sales for a show that’s been on air vs. one that hasn’t is huge. But there’s only so many hours in a day, and a ton of content. show’s like X, Turn A, and ZZ aren’t going to compete against more mainstream fare like Witch Hunter Robin, and the guys at CN need to make sure the ratings stay high or you won’t get to see any anime at all.