Gunfire Reborn: Wild FPS roguelite

The new update is here

It contains :

-a new hero
-reworked talent tree
-2 new weapons
-a new boss for the third area
-a new difficulty (with seven tiers, too, so almost infinite difficulty), that has 2 exclusive npcs
-7 new scrolls
-new vault in third area
-new achievements

I’ve been playing a few public coop runs, it seems with the update there are more people online.

The game is, surprise, easier in coop. In fact I just have beaten the game easily in Elite, and before I hadn’t even reached the Fjord stage.
In coop there are more enemies and they are more tanky (they also do more damage? not sure of this part), but with several players you can be revived, you have an easier time against enemies with shields, and obviously you can use elemental combos constantly. This three features compensate easily the higher enemy difficulty.

And as a bonus, you gain a bit more essence because there are a few more enemies.

Oh, by they way, the game has sold now 1.5 million copies.

New update

with new endgame content:

New improved controller settings

  • Added controller vibration support for hero skills
  • Added several controller slider options including deadzone, outer threshold, turning boost, turning boost ramp time and turning boost ramp delay.
  • Added support for linear response curve
  • Optimized the slider range of turning speed
  • Optimized controller sensitivity formula
  • Optimized the increase/decrease speed of value when using a controller to adjust each slider option
  • Optimized vibration when firing with some weapons

and some new level content:

  • Removed Guard Seal event in reincarnation mode
  • Added 2 new vaults in [Basement of Longling]
  • Added a new vault in [Desert Ruins]

Oh I’m going to have to try that out. The game seems cool, but oddly it does not feel great playing with controller. Mainly the aiming.