Gunpowder Milkshake

I’m surprised no one posted it anywhere here yet. Yet another rogue assassin/badass movie, this time played by Karen Gillen. Paul Gimatti seems to be reprising his role in everything but name from Shoot 'Em Up. Strong rest of the cast as well. Angela Bassett, Lena Headey, Michelle Yeoh, etc.
Netflix picked this one up for US distribution.

Trailer may give too much away, as always for these things.

First I’ve heard of it, thanks for the post!

Have the writer or director done anything noteworthy? Nothing jumped out at me.

I thought it was a movie about drinking Guinness.

I thought it sounded like a pre-workout smoothie.

Does her dog get killed in this one?

in the How Did This Get Made episode on A Talking Cat?!?, they bring up that the film was shot in the same house as an adult film titled Dirtpipe Milkshake.

I’ll never be able to think of anything else when I see the name of this film.


For all the talent working in the movie the trailer left me flat, mostly because it feels like a collage of stuff I’ve seen before somewhere. But maybe it’ll be good and it’s just the trailer that left me cold.

I’ll watch anything with Amy Pond in it. :)

I’m watching this one as soon as it comes out. Shades of John Wick, Shoot 'Em Up AND Kingsman with an amazing cast?! Fuck yeah I’m in.

Same here, which is why I was curious if the talent on the other side of the camera have anything to recommend them.

I thought it was some crazy variant on bulletproof coffee when I read the topic title.

I watched Army of the Dead last night. That’s enough shoot 'em up bad movie for me for some time. Boy, was it was bad.

I try to avoid trailers, but this sounds good, so I skipped to the end of the trailer just to see the release date.

“Coming Soon”. D’oh!

July 10th is what I’ve seen