Guns. Lots of guns

That sounds pretty cres. I hope that guy also invents a robot that can walk on ceilings.

Is the 1-million-rounds-per-minute thing a theoritical limit? Because I’m trying to wrap my brain around this, and the biggest problem I’m having is…

  1. Wouldn’t the barrel melt well before 60 seconds was up?


  1. How big does the ammo case have to be to hold even half a million rounds?

One second on the trigger would need 17,000 bullets. I am sure testing, training and drunken use to shoot pigeons will be the best use of our tax dollars we could ever hope for.


it uses multiple barrels, each with multiple rounds. it’s not like a chaingun, far as i can tell. more like having a barrel with ten rounds inside, then stacking barrels in a grid array. so once you’ve fired it reloading takes forever, but you can get an impressive instaneous amount of lead flying.