Gunslinger - Showdown at the AH corral

Do I have the patience to spend ten or so minutes to play out two seconds of an old west gunfight? I like to think so.

I’ve been circling this old Avalon Hill tactical game for a little while and it’s got me curious. Each player picks an action in secret then they are resolved simultaneously. Do you draw aim and fire or forgo the aiming in hopes that a lucky shot will get your opponent just a little faster? In modern terms, a more complicated old west board game version of Frozen Synapse.

Naturally being out of print for what I guess is about thirty years makes this rather inaccessible. But I’ve looked on boardgame geek and I might have found enough resources there to make my own pieces. Does anyone have any experience with this game?

Tom M

Oh I’d love to see a PC implentation if other old timers like Wizards, Timetripper and Magic Realm can get them I’ll be greedy and ask for more.