Gwent: The Witcher Card Game


After the successful third chapter of Witcher Saga, with over 10 million copies shipped worldwide, Gwent is becoming a stand-alone game according to a new trademark and logo registered by CD Projekt. The card game included in The Witcher 3 obtained a positive outcome, so much that Polish publisher decided to create a title for it. The trademark was filled with class 9 and 41 (videogames, software, etc.) into the European Union Intellectual Property Office two days ago (June 6th), with what seems to be the official logo. Here are the two logos and trademark.


It’s about time.


I hope they nerf Northern Realms deck :P


OMG, the game isn’t even out yet and we’re already calling for nerfs (to my favorite realm).

I hope it’s available for mobile sooner than later, it’s the only way I’ve been playing Hearthstone for over a year. And other card games seem to be so damn slow in coming to Android.


I want an actual physical version of the game that doesn’t cost $100 on eBay.


I remember last time CD Project tried to make a digital board game. I would hold off until impressions start appearing.


Well, we know already that Gwent is pretty good. They just need to make more cards, and balance it for pvp (right now it’s balanced for rpg progression, so as you play you obtain better and better cards).


I need this on my PC, tablet and phone. And maybe a version that can run on my car 7" dash screen.


I only put a few hours into Witcher 3 last year because eye problems prevented me from fully enjoying the game, and only just started playing again several days ago. It’s such a fantastic experience, I’m more than hyped for a Gwent spinoff.


Me too and my woman three.


More Gwent? Hell yea.


That’s the Hotel Figueroa across from E3. It’s one of the most expensive ad spaces available during E3.

Note that Ciri is using a mobile device, and the characters are being portrayed by YouTube folks.


I wish they would have used that ad space for some ingame/concept art from Blood and Wine :(


I’d like to see what that ad looks like when it’s finished. There may be some hidden news in there!


Is that cross marketing with a glasses company?


I have not played Witcher 3 but love card games. Why does this game get so much love? Is it really that strategic? Will the AI give a good challenge?


The game itself is elegantly simple and easy to understand. The things I like about it:

  1. The different decks all have different strategies to incorporate.

  2. You get one overall leader power that you can use for a game, and that too is based on the faction deck you’re playing.

  3. The best 2 of 3 structure adds an additional strategic layer to the game.

With that said, in The Witcher 3 they were able to artificially balance the play by ramping up the decks of your opponents throughout the game. And, the game story of questing to get rare cards made the game double compelling. I hope they can capture some of that in the standalone.


Can’t decide if that looks more like Mike Pondsmith or Mr. T in the right-hand panel. Maybe Mr. P?


Awesome.mmwas hoping they’d do a card game. Wouod like to see it be both physical and digital.


Well, you first have to consider the expectations. It was just a minigame inside a bigger game. For a minigame it’s really good, well designed, the rounds are short and you have a clear progression path as you collect the cards.
It isn’t a very deep complex, the rules in fact are very simple and there aren’t a big list of special cards (just half a dozen), but inside that apparent simplicity it’s deeper of what it may seem at first, you have to know if attack hard at first, or keep your forces for the second round, how to play efficiently medics or spies, how to combine normal vs hero units, when to bait the enemy in playing the strong cards and then nullify them with weather cards or scorch cards, then add the faction ability and leader ability, etc.
The AI is not at human level but it’s pretty good, you never know if it’s your imagination but sometimes it gives the impression of playing correctly with combos and knows when to play spies, etc.

The big problem I would say it’s balance, there are two decks which is clearly superior to the others.