Gwent: The Witcher Card Game

Thinking of grabbing a PS4 around Black Friday for 200 to play Thronebreaker

Steam page!

Yeah! I was thinking it was going to be GOG only.

CDPR admitted that launching GOG exclusive hurt them.

“The game appealed to the community, which drove up our expectations regarding sales. Unfortunately, as yet, these expectations have not been fulfilled. Still, we remain optimistic … We expect to continue to sell Thronebreaker for many years to come, even though the initial period may not have lived up to our initial expectations.”

“The game appeared on GOG first for fairly straightforward reasons,” said Kiciński. “GOG is our priority platform and we wanted to release the game there first to gamers who support us there. However, the reach of GOG is incomparably smaller than that of Steam. We know that there’s a large Witcher fan community on Steam and that’s why we also released the game there.”

Gwent itself is also not doing so hot. The plans to revive it with the Homecoming update has been a failure, I would say. After the first weeks, the opinion of the community has solidified in the ‘mixed’ category.

Both Gwent and Thronebreaker has recevied updates. In case of Gwent, it’s the typical balance/bubfixing update, in case of Thronebreaker, apart from bugfixing they have increased the difficulty in Normal and Hard modes as I wanted.

I think I’m going to replay Thronebreaker now, skipping dialog I already saw, and getting a pair of character I didn’t get before.

Gwent for consoles is now 1.0 and Thronebreaker is released as well.

TB soundtrack released here

God, fuck Rayla. She is OP as hell but…

I left her kill the Scoia’tel first aid hospital, but in the Mahakam map she killed 40 dwarf prisoners, without saying anything to anyone.

So I played a pair of games meanwhile, but I’m returning to finish once and for all Thronebreaker, and funny thing I had forgotten how good it is. And long, I’m past the 30 hour mark already.

Gwent announced for iPhone (Q3 2019), Android coming later.

That’s exciting! Feels like we’ve been waiting forever for the new crop of digital CCGs to hit mobile. I stopped playing after the Homecoming patch, but plan on jumping back in for Crimson Curse. Seems like opinions have been overwhelmingly positive as they’ve tweaked HC, and Crimson Curse looks like it has a lot of interesting cards.

I’ll play on Android.

Anyone play Gwent on consoles? I think I joined the beta test way back when, but since Gwent was my least favorite part of The Witcher 3 I wasn’t really motivated to dig deep.

I can’t imagine there were all that many console players of Gwent.

I tried to play Gwent on my Xbox One off and on throughout the years (most recently about a month ago), but after re-installing I’d realize I’d forgotten that the Xbox version doesn’t sync with my PC collection at all, so I’d always roll my eyes and uninstall again.

Android version due March 24th.

Most important factoid from their email:


After Thronebreaker not really finding a big commercial success, it’s rumored this new game will be a StS type of game:

Whats StS?