Gwent: The Witcher Card Game


Yay! Everybody wins!


Here you go… friends. I assume these are just for the Xbox One version, but I really don’t know.


Big update yesterday but there still doesn’t seem to be a single player game there.


I redeemed the second code on, thanks.


Now that I think about it, I believe I have a couple of beta codes for this on Xbox. Ping me if you want one.


I have 3, 2 PC beta invites, if anyone wants.

Must be a Qt3 member for 1 year.

PM me.





Replace the asterisks with ‘ANY’.


snagged #3… Thanks!


I’ve been a part of the Xbox One beta for a while, but it’s been sitting on my hard drive, unplayed so far. I just never find the motivation to try it out so far.


Some more





I played it maybe twice on the Xbox. Keep meaning to get back to it, but there’s just so much going on. Games I’ve actually paid for, for one thing.


I’m just waiting for the single player campaign.


I played something like 5-6 hours when it started, but stopped playing. Right now I’m waiting to the open beta (which should be soon) so start again.


So, open beta starts next week!

Lots of changes coming, a summary

Basically: starter decks will be better, tutorial-challenge with every deck that unlock leaders, faction abilities are out, faction leaders spawn the a card unit with that leader on the board, weather is totally changed, and of course lots of cards reworked.

More info here


Single player?


If you refer to the announced campaigns, absolutely no signs of them. Maybe they will show them on E3, and release the first with the 1.0 version after Summer.

They have practice matches with AI, though.



I played two games yesterday (and lost them) against other people. And also I’ve playing the challenges. Imo, they still have to improve, I thought they were going to force you play every faction deck with the challenges: ie. NR deck in the NR challenges, etc; but no, it means you play against that deck. Imo it isn’t a good way to learn, you don’t even have to put attention on what cards the opponent is playing, if you build a deck with a good combo you can win without looking at the opposite side. The AI isn’t good enough.

About the changes, they are mostly positive, though with one exception: the weather cards, I feel now they are less strategic, because they don’t affect the two sides anymore. They fixed how swingy they were, but now it’s just a boring AoE damage over time effect.


Does Geralt look a bit odd in that trailer or am I just imagining things?


No, I thought the same thing.