Gwent: The Witcher Card Game


I’ve been playing Gwent for the past couple of months, and I do enjoy it a lot, but just this past week I found my interest waning – for several of the reasons the devs cite. I do want rows to have a purpose, and I also find it annoying that the cards (which have beautiful art, some of it animated) look so small on the board. Coin-flip is annoying too; I’m not sure I love the sound of their proposed fix (leaders getting different initiative), but I’m glad they’re trying things. And yeah, I want the game NOT to be Hearthstone. What attracted me to Gwent is that it’s different: more skill, less RNG.

Anyway, I’m willing to give them time to figure things out. Most of the changes sound great to me.


I dropped ~$60 on the GOG Windows version. Then they came out with the XB1 / PC cross play version. And my purchases are trapped in the GOG Win edition. Stopped playing altogether at that point.


CDPR just announced that Gwent’s singleplayer campaign will be called Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales. It will be a separate game from the current F2P Gwent game.


Thronebreaker release date announced. Oct 23rd on PC. Dec 4th on PS4 and Xbox One.


I was going to add it to my wish list, but Steam doesn’t seem to have a page for it yet.


They announced it for GOG…


If GOG adds Steam Wishlists I’ll add it there so I know when to pick it up.



I really liked Gwent, but the number of packs required to have enough to build a different deck type or strategy was even worse than most of the other F2P card games, so I gave up. Singleplayer-only B2P isn’t ideal either but depending on price might be good enough.


I’m kind of annoyed they turned Thronebreaker into a 20-40 hour game with an overworld and resource management. I wanted a tight, 12 hour experience like they advertised at the beginning. I don’t have time for all this crap.


Some articles, videos and interviews of Thronebreaker here

I think it looks good. It won’t be only a story with fights done with gwent matches and that’s it, it seems there is some resource management for your army, there are side quests with puzzles to solve (puzzley gwent encounters with set cards), there are combat encounters with special rules, there are bosses with their own gimmick like a multi-card creature, etc.


You want… less Witcher?


Looks great. Wish they were putting it on Switch.


IOS. I’d be playing it right now.


Sure. Either way.


Given how much I dislike the real-time combat in the last couple of installments, I would welcome a full-on Witcher title with MtG style battles.


I was watching more videos and you know what. This game reminds me a bit to the HoMM series!

  • It has the overworld isometric perspective with the oversized hero that represents your army moving around. The scale of everything is also pretty similar.
  • You take resources in the map like in HoMM (gold, wood, manpower), and even it has special points that boost your morale, which also was one of the buildings in HoMM (the fountain).
  • Once you open your camp screen, it’s like a castle screen on HoMM, with different clickable buildings to hire men, or do upgrades.
  • Another feature ‘borrowed’: you can find treasure maps that indicate places in the overworld map where something it’s hidden.
  • It uses cards instead of a hex combat map, but in the end, the combat system is turn based in both.


Damn, I don’t really care much about Gwent, but you sure know how to sell a game to a guy like me!


EG mentions HoMM in their preview also, adding another point to your list:

It’s a bit like a Heroes of Might & Magic game in this regard - you can even equip Meve with new trinkets to up her power.


I’m a bit confused as to what this game will be. At first I thought it was only gwent, but now it’s an RPG??? Wait WHAT?

" According to CD Projekt Red, Thronebreaker contains over thirty hours of story content, with meaningful decision-making. … As it turns out, the game is surprisingly open, allowing the player to roam around [five huge different maps filled with side-quests, story missions, and resources to collect. The live-stream showed players the start of the game’s story and some of its first map, set in the realm of Lyria."