Gwent: The Witcher Card Game


That’s Thronebreaker, that’s a s single player game they have done for Gwent. At first it was going to be an expansion/dlc, but now it’s a separate game.


Things just got interesting!!


…Which you can preorder here


Thanks, but I’ll have to wait til it comes out for PS4 in december =)


I guess it will be able to write some impressions, because I had some extra money in my paypal account and decided to spend it on Thronebreaker. The fact I also played Gwent (and plan to come back) helped, because they give you five kegs (their loot chests) for the f2p game and 20 extra cards you unlock while playing the campaign.


They announced yesterday the new progress system for Gwent, and people are pretty happy about it

They maintain the daily win / daily quests system
And they have added a new prestige system, where every 60 levels your account gains a permanent booster, like gaining always a rare card or better in every keg. They also made levelling a bit faster as now the maximum effective level will be 660.

The ranked progression is also redone, but he novelties are the contract (achievement) system and the reward system.

There are lots of achievements to get, the UI is good (search by text, similar ones are grouped, you can showcase your favorite ones in your profile, you can pin up the ones you are trying to complete), and they give you reward points, which can be spend of the reward page:

It has several pages, they are themed on a faction and leader

And using the reward points you unlock a node, advancing in the lines in the way you want, getting resources on each point, and also free premium leader cards and faction kegs in the ‘end’ nodes.


Review are positive



How to make a card game video more visceral? Put lots of dramatic zoom and camera movement!


So having purchased and pre-loaded today, does anyone know what US time tomorrow this goes live?

GOG doesn’t necessarily follow the Steam schedule, as I recall


I believe it is noon Central European Time, which is 5 hours ahead of US Eastern time.


Which would be about 4AM my time -right when the wife leaves for work.


Any other platforms on the way?


Launch pushed back to I think CET.

Game is coming to Xbox/PS4, but not until December.


Still in the tutorial (I think) but I’m enjoying it so far. Whoever compared it to HoMM is on the money, I think.

If I have a gripe, it’s that some of the dialogue is a bit clunky. In an attempt to sound pseudo-Medieval, some of the characters sound more like Yoda.


I am downloading Thronebreaker, and in the meantime I fired up Gwent for the first time since last spring, when they announced it would be undergoing a major overhaul. I did the first bit of the tutorial, and already I’m impressed with the changes. I’m looking forward to getting back into it. But I think I’ll mostly be playing Thronebreaker for now.


Yeah, it’s my plan to first play Thronebreaker, and then come back to Gwent. Still, I recommend starting up Gwent, the tutorial with Geralt and Dandelion is very nice.

With the kegs I already had, more the rewards points, more the things I had from playing the beta and having TB… in total, I have already 161 cards (of a total of 624), and 91k scrap, which from what i read should be enough to complete 4 of the factions. Cool.


Some of the puzzles and unique fights are super cool, very imaginative situations.
And the good writing and voice acting elevates the experience.


Has anyone figured out how to save a game to one of Thronebreaker’s other save slots (there are 5 or 6)? It always seems to default to the same one with no option to change.


I played the tutorial once a long time ago and then I tried to play the game again recently but could no longer find the tutorial. Have they put it back in?


It’s a new one, and the have made it obligatory to play it.