Ha ha, you watched Blood Red Sky!

Wife just picked Blood Red Sky on netflix. Turned out to be a whole lot better than I thought it was gonna be. Single mom will do anything to help her son on a hijacked airline

Ha ha, you saw Blood Red Sky.

For me, it fell into the “nice try, but ultimately way too silly” category. Not as bad as Exorcism at 60,000 Feet*, but not as good as Quarantine 2: Terminal.


* Yes, this is an actual thing and I have seen it.

Oh good. So I wasn’t just hallucinating.

Better or worse than Flight of the Dead?

Wait, Kevin J. O’Conner is in that. And he was in Exorcism at 60,000 Feet! How does the star of There Will Be Blood end up in two no-budget airplane horror movies?


I’m down.

Sure, why not?

This was surprisingly good. Had some flaws, but I was engaged and really appreciated the unique mixture of genres and original ideas.

And this is why these catch-all threads are the absolute worst… :(

(Not blaming anyone, but I’m not sure I have it in my to talk about Blood Red Sky in one thread, much less two.)


I’d love to hear more, Tom, whenever and wherever you wind up sharing more thoughts on it. Having a little difficulty deducing the implications of the above, but for now I’ll just tentatively assume that you didn’t regret seeing it, since there was no “Ha ha, you watched Blood Red Sky.” :)

Ha ha, you watched Blood Red Sky. :)

I guess at this point the movie deserves its own thread.


Tom Noonan said no?

No regrets! But I almost never actually regret watching something.

I did like that it didn’t feel like a typical American horror movie. There was obviously some European money and talent in here, and it showed. I didn’t care much for the lead actress, which was a big problem since she needs to sell the premise. And if I never have to watch Dominic Purcell trying to break out of TV again, that’ll be fine with me. But I really like Roland Moller from Atomic Blonde, and Alexander Scheer’s flamboyant vamping (ha!) was kind of fun. I enjoyed the premise and the follow-through, even if it felt a little silly when it should have been feeling horrific.


I might see it, but the tagline for “Mom’s got a secret” was completely spoiled by the thumbnail and the autoplay on Netflix, so I’m kinda “meh” now.

Yeah, this is kind of key. The filmmakers obviously played it as a big reveal, but even the poster makes it pretty clear what’s going on. And don’t even get me started on the trailer, which gives away literally every single plot point.


I did not.

I agree trailer gave away everything. Would have been much better if i didnt watch trailer

There’s a life lesson in there somewhere.

I remember having lunch with the director roughly ten years ago as his girlfriend was acting in one of the shows the company I worked for was producing. He told me about this script he was trying to get made at Paramount, and of course I thought “No one is ever going to make your Snakes on a Plane with vampires”. Glad his persistence paid off and that streaming services are providing an outlet for this type of movie, even if it doesn’t sound like my personal cup of tea.

The only question I had by the end of this movie was, “How did they handcuff that guy?”