Had a 1970's funky TV theme stuck in my head...

…but couldn’t place it. It was like the ones from cop and detective shows of the period (and the ones to which the Brooklyn Nine Nine theme is an obvious hommage), so I went searching on YouTube. The closest in tone to the one I was looking for was the one for the original SWAT series, but it wasn’t it. Nor was it the one from The Rookies (also very funky/proto-disco) or Streets of San Francisco.
Here’s the SWAT one:

Can anyone think of or post others that might fit the bill?

I always liked Barney Miller’s opening theme. Pretty funky.

That is a great theme. Not the one I was thinking of but still awesome.

Record yourself humming the theme and upload it?

Heh, alas now that I’ve listened to some others it’s gone out of my head. Still I could probably recognize it. Plus I think it’s a fun period for TV show themes in general.

Pretty funky:

At least until the voice-over :)

Kinda reminds me of Tank! from Cowboy Bebop. Or vice versa.

Of all the shows they made an American version of, why would they goose Steptoe and Son??

Starsky & Hutch

Police Woman

Hawaii Five-O


One popular one - Hawaii Five O

Baretta - “Keep your Eye on the Sparrow”


Same era, Judd For the Defense (lawyer show). I think this was on Friday nights after Mannix, I recall watching one and then the other.

Thread’s not complete without some MI love: