Had a dream Elder Scrolls Oblivian was released

This was pretty interesting (at least to me). In RL I’ve been anxiously awaiting Gary Grigsby’s World at War. On Matrixgames forums many commented it might be in EB today (Saturday).

Well last night I dreamt I went to a mega-mall (same one I have in several dreams that’s so big I’m literally afraid I will die from long walks) and there on a kiosk “outside” the store was Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion! Wow, the pic on the box was excellent, and it was in the old classic box size due to the large manual. So I picked it up. It was about closing time, and while I was reading the back of the box they closed up the shop. So sadly I didn’t get World at War, but at the back of giganto-mall was a place to check out items from the kiosks, so I at least got Oblivion. The thing that made this dream memorable, was the game ran at 30 fps with everything maxed out, and had all the gorgeous details we’ve seen in the screenshots. When I woke up, the dream had seemed so real I thought maybe it was at stores (HA!). The sad thing was the realization it will probably take a set of Cray Supercomputers plus parallel SGI machines to run Oblivion in all its glory. sigh :o

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Isn’t oblivion at least a year away? As I recall, it was being designed for PC and “next generation” consoles…

When I was a kid I used to have dreams that I got a SNES (we had a Genesis, I wanted both) and towards the end of the dream it would always start to dawn on me that I was dreaming. I hated that, I didn’t want to wake up.

Amazingly it’s slated to be released August 1st!

Wow, if that holds up it is great news! Something to look forward to…

I had a dream that Gone Gold reopened and all the misfit toys found their way back home.


Remove the feeding tube!

Wow, if that holds up it is great news! Something to look forward to…[/quote]
I’m wary of that date. Maybe it’s a realistic date, maybe not. I’d much rather they take their time and release the game in tip-top shape rather than some bug-ridden sack of shit.

This is off the subject, but I haven’t heard a word about the size of Oblivion’s gameworld and whether it’s going to be like Morrowind or not. Is it going to have the same meticulously crafted type of gameworld or will there be more random stuff a la Daggerfall?

I just wonder, because it took them forever to build the first one. This one seems to be coming along a lot quicker. Of course, that could be because they’ve already done all the prep work.

Since I actually liked Daggerfall better, either way will work for me.

August 1? Seriously doubt it, since there’s been, like, nothing said about it in awhile. Has anyone even seen screenshots yet? I can’t wait for this game, but…August 1? Consider me skeptical.

August 1 next year is about what I was expecting.

The game will be SMALLER than Morrowind with more story elemnts to push you along. I would also prefer the larger “random” countryside of Daggerfall. And yes, the developers did say it was coming out this year… which I too find amazing… and yet worrisome.

But they may have a lrger development staff tghan before, and I do believe they’re working off an advanced version fot he Netimmerse engine. Since Morrowind was their first use of the Netimmerse engine, they no longer have that huge learning curve. Also something to keep in mind… They had just ONE person do almost all the textures for Morrowind. YEA… ONE SINGLE PERSON. That’s why so many of the faces and other gear didn’t looks as good as it could have. And is also why it was so easy for 3rd party people to make version with a lower poly count, yet look wayyy better.


There’s lots of screens around - some more released this week - check out GameSpot, for instance.

Aug 1 - uh, no.

Anyone remember how much Morrowind was delayed from it’s initial main release date?

Gamestop: Dec 15, 2005

EBGames: Aug 1, 2005

Looks like EB’s date was puled out of the blue?

They both were, in all likelihood. They just need a date in the computer so you can preorder the thing. Any time a release date is listed on EB or Gamestop as being the 1st or 15th of the month, it’s usually fake unless the 1st or 15th happens to be a Tuesday. I expect a release will be announced for ESIV at E3. I guarantee it won’t be in August, though. Supposedly this is one of the first wave Xbox 2 titles.

I have that same dream every single night :D

The game will be SMALLER than Morrowind with more story elemnts to push you along.
Bigger gameworld overall. More stuff that is procedurally generated. I draw a distinction between that and randomly generated, in part because it doesn’t shift every time you play like randomly generated stuff would or might, and in part because 9 times out of 10 I think randomly generated content looks like crap.

Numerically fewer quests, though infinitely more detailed then Morrowind’s.

I’ll turn 40 before this game comes out, even assuming they make EB’s optimistic release date. I look forward to it like an 8-year old thinking about Christmas morning :) Thank goodness there are still companies making free-form RPG’s on a moddable platform.