Had to share this

Haven’t laughed this hard in a while - http://www.shackspace.com/[email protected]/mac.wmv


Goddamn thats funny.

So funny, I watched it twice.

Pretty funny, I don’t know that a Mac is all that bad. The drunkengamers’ Mac Gamers commercial is a lot better.

— Alan

“Crash different.” Heh. That was good stuff.


“You idiot! You bought a Machintosh, the file is fucking gone”

Best parody of the mac yet. its been out for about a year or so. I’ve been really tempted to get a mac recently. Everytime I get close, I play that video and bring myself back to earth…

I’ve got an iBook, which I really like. It’s small, it’s compact, and it’s smooth. And also, I only ever use it for word processing. It can about handle that without falling over on its arse.

Haha. That was great.


I’ve got an iBook, which I really like. It’s small, it’s compact, and it’s smooth.

Yeah that’s fine for a woman’s ass, ya mac weenie, but for computers? Sheesh. Forgettaboutit.


Ironically, I sent the link to our Mac-zealot art director…

And she couldn’t open the file because it was in WMV format. :)

Heh, I’ve got my PowerBook right now, and I couldn’t watch it because MS is kinda snubbing the Mac because it hasn’t bothered updating the Mac version of Windows Media player with the newest codecs, but I could listen to it and I cracked up laughing.

I may use a Mac, but I do love making fun of the zealots. I swear, if Steve Jobs told them to drink the Kool-Aid, they would. They really, really would. Hmmmmm… maybe I should email Steve about setting up some kind of Mac camp in Guyana. He could call it Jobstown… :)

:lol: :lol: Good stuff!

You idiot! You own a Macintosh! The file is fucking GONE!

Hahaha, great.

Holy shit, my face hurts! That was the funniest parody EVAR.

Whoever thought up the Switch campaign aughta lose their job. If they couldn’t see the ridicule they were setting themselves up for…

Man… still laughing!

Bahahaha, this is too funny! This guy is GREAT! Also, I couldn’t find the original drunken gamers parody, but this page has a local copy.

How about a couple of Star Wars themed Switch Parodies…


“Beep Beep Beep… Star Destroyers!”

And quite frankly, this entire Switch campaign took on a life of its own – here we are, months after the ads, and we’re still talking about them and Macintoshes! That’s good!

I guess it is if you believe that old adage that “any buzz is good buzz.” I think that’s a load of hooey, though. People are still talking about the Switch ads, but only to make fun of them. Even most Mac users don’t seem to like them.

Nice rant. For a DOS guy he has a really short memory of just how much any computer lacking comprehensive protected memory sucks ass (which isn’t relevant to either XP or X, but certainly plagued Mac and Windows users for a long time), but it’s pretty damn funny.