Hades II - Highway to Hecate

I’m going to buy this when it’s out of early access, just to listen to the soundtrack.

Sounds good. Since I didn’t like the technical test much, I might as well wait until it puts its best foot forward.

I probably won’t pick this up (the original was extremely well-crafted but not my cup of tea) but I have to pop in here once just to applaud that fantastic title.

Looking forward to playing this at some point, but have no interest in EA.

Agreed. I loved the first one so much, not only for the tight gameplay, beautiful visuals, wonderful music, and really cool approach to storytelling, but for providing a challenging game that was also approachable…that provided just enough customized support to the player.

Excited about this one (the first Hades wore out the B button on two of my controllers) but I’m waiting for it to come out of EA.

We were just going to play a little bit. Now we’re at 18 hours in, and no sign of stopping. I’ll avoid spoilers, but this one is very much a ‘the same, but more’ type of deal, and we’re all aboard. The combat is deeper, and lots of the tricks I used to used in Hades 1 are invalidated, but I’m glad for that.

It also feels like a bigger game, which is…sort of good and bad? I like more game, but the runs are taking a good long while now in comparison to part 1. A run in part 1 would take me about 45 minutes, and now it’s at least an hour. I suspect I’m comparing apples to oranges, since most of my runs in part 1 that I remember were after leveling quite a bit.

Either way, it leads to some tough choices when I have to be up early the next day. And yeah, I know the game saves after every room, but we’re obviously not going to play just a little bit. :slight_smile:

Can you save and quit during a run?

I remember my late game hades runs being very fast (30 ish minutes?) so it was less of a concern.

Yeah it autosaves after each room.

I had the first one on day one of Early Access, and bought the sequel as well. Didn’t have time to spend some time with it until Sunday though.

I’m still re-adjusting a bit since I was used to playing with a maxed-out Zagreus. So far so good. Looks great, sounds great, and the combat flow still slaps. I’ve unlocked 4 weapons so far. Enjoying the axe and the sickles the most, the other ones could use some tuning. Especially the staff could use some sound fx and VFX treatment because it kinda feels like you’re shooting soap bubbles at enemies. Not really satisfying.

I like that they changed the way the Cast works. Since the Special is also usually a ranged attack, giving the Cast a more defense-oriented purpose makes everything a bit more varied. Not seeing a Weapon Aspects yet, but I suppose I need to make some more progress until that becomes available. That part added a lot to the replay value of the first one.

I do find the progression system a bit grindy though, at least the part related to resources you need to mine with tools. I get it that they want to make sure that the player cannot max out and unlock things too quickly, but it does seem slow and it’s also a bit frustrating to encounter resources that you cannot mine because you don’t have the tool. Might as well not show them to the player. That said, in their recent blog post Supergiant also noted that they’ll do some tweaks here with the first big patch.

Btw - I completely forgot, but what’s the point of ‘pinning’ boons in the boon/inventory overview?

:-1: Less horny

:+1: The siren band that sings about drowning sailors while beating you with their instruments

I think it’s just to keep the tooltips visible while you compare powers

This is amazing considering it is in Early Access.

The siren band is to die for. One of the rare games where I am seriously tempted to throw them a few more dollars for the sound track.

Finished our first run and beat Chronos last night. We’re about 35 hours in now, and starting to run up against the edges of the Early Access aspect of the game. My understanding is that they’re going to endeavor to have EA saves transfer to the main game, so we’re still leveling some things, but I may take a break so they can add some more plot and such.

Some EA endgame spoilers:

Right now after Chronos goes down, there’s not very much else to do, unlike in the first Hades. Also the surface runs ends kind of abruptly, since there is a whole area after which is apparently yet to be added. We’re still getting some plot stuff with the minor characters, but it seems reduced to the threads that ran through Hades 1.

I really don’t know how much to spoiler here, since it’s just mechanics discussion:

This game is more difficult than Hades 1, full stop. Specifically the removal of the shield dash from part 1. That being said, omega casts are where it’s at in terms of DPS and crowd control. My most successful runs were all centered around those things.

My favorite weapon is the good old staff, but I’m trying to level the knives as well, since I’ve seen some builds that melt bosses on Reddit.

With regards to the resource gathering, I saw the message from the devs that they’re working to make that less grindy, which is maybe another reason for me to take a break.

lmao okay I unlocked the new “make the characters hang out naked in a hot tub” resource