Hades (SuperGiant Games)

I think you might be guaranteed two even if you have none entering Elysium. It only happens once-in-a-while because you usually have at least one by then. I haven’t tested this, though

The game will pretty much try to force-feed you two hammers (all the way to having them show up as a satyr reward in Styx if you still don’t have two), and will never get three except with the anvil. It makes sense to pick the hammers early just so that they stop taking up the boon slot in shops.

I’m still so annoyed that after the credits you don’t get to visit Greece anymore.

Why? It’d be nice, but doesn’t seem like it is worth getting annoyed over.

I wanna fish goddamn it. Have a little me time after the big finale.

You still can

Eh, it’s not the same. I liked the music, and I wanted to water the plants!

I miss that place too. It had the perfect the level of verdancy, and I don’t like the writing of what replaced it very much.

Thirty escapes, ten in a row, seems worth marking. Man, that Demeter cast is good.


I just finished a Demeter cast run a few minutes ago, with Achilles, which makes it even nuttier. If you haven’t yet, try to grab the Artemis Duo next time. It makes that cast track much faster

Demeter’s Cast was a bit underwhelming when it got added to the game way back, but they turned them into a viable force of nature over time. If you combine it with Glacial Glare and Arctic Blast (see Kolbex’s screenshot) and then also upgrade the frequency in which you can drop your Cast as well as the number of Casts you can drop, you can basically just spam them and focus on dodging otherwise. If an enemy gets hit by two of them simultanously, it’s basically a cascade of Arctic Blasts on top of the base damage.

Does Demeter not follow the same rules as other gods? I’ve been digging for a specific boon the last two runs and got no Demeter boons in the Temple. In fact, in the most recent run, I had boons in the shop from Ares and Zeus (and a Zeus door!) when I had not seen them during the entire run, but no Demeter. First time I have ever seen boons in the temple from a good I’d had no contact with I can think of.

So, this happened:

Had a goofy as hell run last night. I discovered that with Gilgamesh, if you hold down dash and attack, you dash strike much more quickly than you could attack normally. Add in blade rift on dash, Demeter cast with Aphrodite duo that aims casts at you, and Hermes sturdy on dash and dash-strike to victory.


I just rolled credits a couple days ago after defeating Hades 10 times. Such a satisfying ending to the game.

I ended up finding a ton of different viable builds, but Zeus builds continuously eluded me. I could never find anything that effective with Zeus, but @Misguided it looks like you did above. Any recommendations?

Oh, but there’s more!

Zeus/Poseidon can be a lot of fun. Knock enemies back, apply rupture, hit them with lightning (bottom one above), apply jolted, all with one attack.

For weapons that hit fast, like fists, exagryph, or Zeus shield, chain lightning can be goofy. Add in Artemis support fire for extra goof, and the Artemis/Zeus duo that discharges lightning from cast gems is a favorite.

If you can get the duo that adds lightning to trippy shot (Middle one above), it is quite strong.

Finally, what Armando said.

I figured there’s also more, but what specifically do I need to do to unlock it? Spoil away :-)

Progress character and god storylines by gifting Nectar and Ambrosia, and completing quests they ask of you when they come around. IIRC, you specifically need to max relations with. . . 5 of the gods? I think? As you’re doing so, Persephone will implore you to make entreaties towards the gods, leading to a more conclusive ending to the story :)

Ah nice. Yeah I’ve been doling out nectar and ambrosia like candy whenever I can (I just keep converting gems into keys, and then keys into nectar, so I have 10+ nectars with me at all times). Most of my conversation trees have hit dead ends with the locked heart thing so I figure I just need to continue for now.

This usually means you need to do something special to go further, often something related to that god in your Achievement list (the book of fates).