Hades (SuperGiant Games)

Another tip?

Never. Stop. Moving.

Having dash attacks, especially dash AOE or knockback can really help limit and eliminate poisoning. My best runs have often had me go through entire room chains without getting any poison. But dash attack, dash attack, dash attack.

Well deserved IMO.

I didn’t know Hugos extended to video games now. Hades certainly did steamroller the competition, and deservedly so. It also prevents the Hugos from being further cheapened… at this this year.

I mean - Animal Crossing, for chrissake. Putting that on the same level as any of it literary contemporaries is ridiculous.

Thank you to all the contributors to this thread ! I learned a lot and was able to finally clobber Dad. Took over 50 runs and I’m gonna be honest, god mode was involved but at least I was able to appreciate the game and mechanics with your help.

If you just got your first win, there’s lots more to do!

I recently started playing this again. I really wish God Mode weren’t a simple toggle and that I could gradually scale it back.

I bought this a while back and started playing it about a week ago. It was fine but I wasn’t really enjoying myself. My mistake was trying to control the game using a mouse and keyboard. I switched over to a gamepad and it’s a completely different game now. I actually feel like I’m in control of my character and not just frantically clicking mouse buttons. There is still an element of button-mashing but I think that’s mainly from me panicking as I make my way through the early parts of this cool, cool game.

I have this slightly tingly feeling, like I’m about to jump into something that might not let me go for quite a while.

I played all the way to heat 16 with mouse and keyboard never bothered me none. If you can play diablo you can play hades!

I definitely found Diablo’s point and click movement much easier to management compared to Hades’ WASD scheme. A controller solves that for me!

Well, it took me 22 runs but I finally got to Hades and beat him on my first try! I suspect that a lot of it had to do with luck. Athena’s Aid upgraded to lvl 3 also helped quite a lot. I actually managed to get past Elysium with all of my death defiances intact. Those, plus a fully upgraded Broken Tooth from Scully (Skelly? I forget) meant I got to the final boss with 4 “do overs”. The Calls are incredibly useful and I didn’t know to use them until run 20ish or so. What a difference they can make!

So now, I presume, the real game begins? Looking forward to unlocking more stuff with keys and Titan Bloods and whatnot! So glad I decided to try this game with a controller rather than giving up after frustrations using a M&K.

Congrats! I think that 20-ish run mark is very common for folks through a mixture of learned knowledge, unlocked abilities, and of course a bit of luck, hah. Learning to beat Hades without leaning heavily on Athena’s dash was at least as hard as learning how to get to him and beat him at all.

Thank you! I was strangely proud of myself for finishing! This is usually the type of game where I love the moment to moment gameplay but never finish due to difficulty.

I usually use Athena’s Dash but, for some reason, I picked the Athena’s Boon that increases damage on regular “X” attacks. That plus upgraded Poseidon Boons (Tidal something or other) and various deflection bonuses along with something to do with inflicting Doom on my enemies seemed to do the trick. But, man, are my hands tried!

I can happily confirm the game is much better with a controller!

I had the Aegis shield, 6th run through or thereabouts, steam rolling everything until I hit a Fury.

Meg, the 1st Fury.

She flattened me.

My first girlfriend was called Meg(an) - so insert silly joke here.

Is the first half hour or so representative of the overall experience? Particularly, if my impression is that the combat feels weightless and needlessly hard to read, should I just refund it?

Not trying to knock anyone’s fun, just wondering if this isn’t for me.

The various weapons you unlock play differently and can affect your enjoyment. I seem to recall not using the first weapon much after I got the later ones. However, if you are not feeling it, may be best to refund.

They start you with the most boring weapon, which is good in one way and bad in another. Once I unlocked the fists I was in love.

Thanks, the bow is certainly better, and makes combat more deliberate and readable. Presumably there are other weapons that will do the same. I’ll stick with it for a bit.

I myself enjoyed it right from the get-go, but things get way better the more you unlock. More options to re-roll/select boons mean more specific builds, more weapons mean more variety, more weapon builds mean more variety on top of that. Increasing the amount of dashes you can do does a lot.

Like many games, you probably will not see all of the game in the first 30 minutes. I think it took me a few hours to “get” the combat at least a bit, and 30 hours or so to achieve some kind of mastery where I could actually “beat” the game.

There are a bunch of different weapons, some really clicked for me, some not so much. There are a TON of powers and combinations, and there’s a bit of luck of the draw that you learn how to mitigate/control to get what you want as time goes on. Figuring out those fun combinations and making good progress in the game in the later stages is part of it.

The story is actually pretty good too!

I hated it, tried 3 times and keep going but it never clicked for me. Saying that I have a few autistic tendencies. I never re play games and rarely revisit to see if I can get further. If I play a game for 2 hours I cannot ever redo the first 2 hours again without a massive effort and generally I just think nope and stop playing and I rarely do grinding of any sort.

If this is not you I reckon you will like Hades.