Half-Life 2 Collector's Edition in Canada

The Collector’s Edition can be pre-ordered at Futureshop.ca for $69.99, which is the same price as the regular edition. Free shipping too.

Do you have a URL? I can’t find it.

Try this.

Does this give you access to everything that Steam Gold does?

No, Steam Gold also comes with Day of Defeat: Source, which the CE doesn’t. With SG you get HL2, CS:S, HL:S, DoD:S, the Valve back catalog, a hat, full strat guide, soundtrack, a sticker, a postcard and posters, with the CE it’s a DVD with HL2, CS:S, HL:S, a T-shirt and a strat guide “sampler.” With the shipping costs for the extras, Steam Gold is about $100 US. At the current exchange rate that’s not too bad. If you’re not interested in any of the extra merchandise and want DoD:S, Steam Silver would be the way to go.

You’ve neglected to mention that everything that Steam Gold and the CE offers is virtually worthless. Oh well. To each, their own.

Ah, but my original post was that the CE could be had for the same price as the standard boxed edition, so this is a good deal for those who want the game on a DVD but were put off by the original $100 price of the CE.